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Jonathan Banks Net Worth: Wife, Gennera Banks and Ex-wife, Marnie Fausch Banks

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Facts about Jonathan Bank networth and wives

Do you know who Jonathan Banks is? If not, then you may know him as Mike Ehrmantraut from an iconic series “Breaking Bad.” The multi-talented actor continues to have a large fan base who are constantly interested in hearing about his personal life. How much does he earn in 2021?

Now, read this article to glance at some of his individual facts, including some information about his wife, Gennera, and his ex-wife Marnie.

Jonathan Banks Net Worth and Income Sources

While most people of Jonathan’s age are living a retired life, the actor is still earning a massive sum from his remarkable career. As per celebrity net worth, Banks has gathered a colossal net worth of almost $5 million. The primary source of the actor’s revenue comes from his more than 4-decade long journey in the American entertainment industry. Some of Jonathan’s famous roles include “El Camio: A Breaking Bad Movie.” Also, “Wiseguys,” “Highlander,” “Mudbound,” and “Better Call Saul,” etc.

So, it can be said the credit for his prosperity and good fortune goes to his incredible acting skills. Moreover, while some people are also eager to find the actor’s monthly revenue, unfortunately, he has kept his salary a mystery. However, an experienced actor like him usually earns about $58 to 71k per month.

Jonathan Banks Current Wife, Gennera Banks

As of 2021, Mr. Banks is happily married to his beloved wife, Gennera Banks. The couple shared a relationship bond for quite some time before upgrading their dating life into marriage. Jonathan and Gennera exchanged their wedding vows in December of the year 1990, which means they have been happily married for more than three decades.

Furthermore, Mr. Banks prefers a lowkey lifestyle, and because of this, she has not revealed much of her bio details. However, her husband’s Wikipedia bio states her full name to be Gennera Gonzalez Cebian. In addition, the couple share three children together, two daughters (Joanna Rae Banks Morgan and Rebecca Elena Banks) and a son (Claudio Jon Henry Banks). One of them is Gennera’s daughter from her previous relationship, while the other son and daughter are fraternal twins.

 Jonathan Banks with his wife, Gennera Banks
Jonathan Banks with his current wife, Gennera Banks

Jonathan Banks was Previously Married to Marnie Fausch Banks

Mr. Banks initially met Fausch in the 60s when their love was blooming in the air. Marnie Fausch Banks was deeply passionate about Jonathan, and they tied their knot on September 9 of 1968. Due to some unforeseen situation, their relationship did not last for long, and the celebrities got separated only after two years of being happily married. They legally ended their relationship in 1970.

The main reason behind their sudden separation is still unknown, and it is believed that they have chosen to keep that information to themselves. This sudden change in Mr. Banks’ life had disheartened his fans and followers, and they constantly prayed for his better future, and as a result, he is happily married now.

Jonathan Banks with his Ex-wife, Marnie Fausch Banks
Jonathan Banks and his Ex-wife, Marnie Fausch Banks

Jonathan Banks Daughter, Rebecca Elena Banks

Rebecca Elena Banks is famous for being the daughter of “Breaking Bad” actor Jonathan Banks. She is one of the fraternal twins of her parents and has a brother named Claudio. She was born in the year 1994 and is 27 years at present. The celebrity child studied Film and Media Design at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and later completed her education at the University of Bloomington. Inspired by her father’s career in the entertainment industry, she began her career as a writer, producer, and director. Her works focus on burning issues of the world such as environmental protection, political issues, and also the problems surrounding the LGBTQ community. Moreover, she also serves in the media and videography development for an online channel named WTIU.

As per the reports, not only Rebecca has also debuted her involvement in the movie world by serving in a TV series called “Better Call Saul.”

Jonathan Banks with his daughter Rebecca Elena Banks
Jonathan Banks with his daughter, Rebecca Elena Banks

Jonathan Banks Lost his Home in Fire.

According to a post on Twitter, actor Jonathan lost everything, including his home and other valuables, in the Malibu fire in 2018. Mr. Banks’ life was turned upside down after his home was destroyed in the wildfire. Hundreds of lives were lost in the fire, and thousands of more people were forced to evacuate, leaving their valuables and properties behind. The actor states that he was left with only a few photographs and lost all his prizes per an interview. However, Jonathan was hopeful and said,

“We’ll Rebuild. It’s a kick in the ass.”

So this event also reminds us that tragedy does not come knocking, and we must always stay prepared.

Age and Height

Jonathan Banks was born in the year 1947 in Washington, United States. He is 74 years old at present, and his birthday falls on January 31 every year. Likewise, according to his IMDB profile, he was raised by his mother only, and his father was absent in his life. Despite his old age, the actor still has an attractive built. Speaking of his height, he is a bit taller than 5 feet 8 inches (1.74m) and has maintained his body mass at 78 kgs.

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