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Josie Canseco (Logan Paul Ex-Girlfriend) Net Worth, Dating, Age, Height, Parents.

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Josie Canseco looking beautiful in sexy outfit

Josie Canseco is an emerging American model and also an Instagram star with 1.2 million followers. She has a famous parent and is fortunate enough to grow up in a wealthy household. Apart from her parent’s estate, Canseco has a name for herself and has become a rising young artist.

Find more about this fantastic persona, and learn who the former lady of Logan Paul is below.

Who is Josie Canseco? 

Josie is an online sensation primarily recognized for her modeling endeavors. She is undoubtedly dreaming big and wants to achieve the highest level in the entertainment world. Likewise, just at the age of 15, she joined the glam business and worked with prominent photographers like Kohl’s and Hollister.

Similarly, Josie accepted an offer from the Next Model agency in New York and began her professional career at seventeen. First, she entered the industry with the help of Love magazine. Gradually her presence in television became popular and was favored by the public.

Naturally, her second stage of fame was a hit when she and her mom appeared in the Hollywood Exes.  After the show, Canseco made an excellent career choice and was seen in music videos like Kygo. She gained love and popularity in no time and started rocking the Coachella music festival as the style icon.

Josie Canseco looking hot in red dress
Emerging American model Josie Canseco

Net Worth 

Canseco, in a very young age, possess income that most adult still struggles to earn. She is one of the wealthiest celebrities in social media. Along with a modeling career, her online sites generate a lot of revenue. Josie is associated with many brands that she promotes in her online platform. From all this, her net worth is approximately $2million.

Is Josie Canseco still dating a boyfriend, Logan Paul? 

One of the most anticipated couples in social media is Josie and Logan Paul. As many already know who he is one of the biggest content creators. The rumors started to sprinkle last year when the trendy pair were seen together holding hands.

It was right after the public breakup with Brody Jenner, Canseco came out with a new guy. Later, Logan himself conformed to the relationship via Entertainment Tonight. They were locked in together in the pandemic and seemed very much in love.

Unfortunately, their relationship came with an expiration date, and eventually, while the covid started to ease, the romance between them too disappeared. Many fans who rooted for them to last were a bit upset. Even Logan Paul admitted being devastated as he thought it was something to cherish. However, both of them are still close and are friends. Hopefully, in the future, they might be ready to try again later.

Josie Canseco with her ex-boyfriend logan
American model Josie Canseco and her Ex-boyfriend, Logan Paul

Previous Relationship 

As briefly mentioned above, Canseco was in a relationship with Brody Jenner, the half-brother of the famous Jenners, Kendell, and Kylie. The two started dating in 2019 and were spotted together often. Their chemistry, too, was short-lived, and it was just like a fling rather than something serious. Canseco had just broken up with her longtime boyfriend, Mike Stud, at that time.

Likewise, being a popular figure, it becomes hard to find someone out of the circle; similarly, Canseco also has famous ex-lovers. She is the formal love interest of the well-known singer, Mike Stud. This is the longest relationship Josie has even been in, which lasted for three years. She also appeared in one of his music videos. After three failed public relationships, Josie is now quite protective about her love life and hasn’t raveled anything yet.

How old is Josie Canseco? Birthday 

The gorgeous model grew up in Weston, Florida, United States. She celebrates her birthday in the 5th of November 1996 and is a Christian. As of now, Josie is 24 years old. Even her parents are no secret to the entertainment business. Her father, Jose Canseco, is a remarkable MLB player, and Jessica, her mother, is a familiar face of the industry, which we’ll get at the end of this article.

Height, Weight, and Measurements 

The diva is a pretty charming young woman with beautiful eyes. As a model by profession, her body is in perfect shape. Her weight is around 60 kg and has a height of 5feet and 9 inches.

Josie Canseco Parents: Mom Jessica Canseco and Dad Jose Canseco

Josie is the child of the controversial couple, Jessica and Jose Canseco. However, Josie’s mother was the one around most of her childhood. After she moved to New York, even her dad became a part of her life. Earlier the professional sportsman Jose has been involved in countless scandals which were pretty serious. Moreover, his wife accused him of domestic violence as well.

In addition, the shattered couple finally parted ways in 1999. At that time, Josie was just six years old. Hence, Jessica didn’t stop her daughter from having a relationship with the father. So, Josie has a stronger bond with both of her parents. Along with her mother, she even has appeared in a dating show. After the split, Jessica has managed to put her life in track. She is not just a formal ex-wife but is also a model and a tattoo artist.

Josie Canseco with her parents in young age
Emerging American model Josie Canseco and her parents, Mom Jessica Canseco and Dad Jose Canseco.

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