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Kai Knapp Age, Mother Alexis Knapp, and Facts about Ryan Phillippe Daughter

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Images of Kai Knapp, daughter of actress Alexis Knapp

Kai Knapp, also known as Kailani Merizalde Philippe- Knapp is the daughter of a renowned actress, Alexis Knapp. The star kid is already an Instagram star at such a young age, as Alexis regularly posts her photos on Instagram.

Kai Knapp is the biological daughter of an American actor, Ryan Phillippe. The star kid even looks like her mother. In this article, we will learn about Kai and interesting facts about her and her family members.

How old is Kai Knapp? Age and Early Life

Kai was born on July 1, 2011, in Los Angeles. She is now ten years old and is living with her mother.

Kai Knapp Parents Relationship

Kai Knapp’s parents are both actors. Her father is Ryan Phillippe, and her mother is Alexis Knapp. Both were in short term relationship in 2010, and Kai is the outcome of their relationship. Her mother was unknown about being pregnant and broke up with him. After being aware of the baby in her womb, she wished to raise her as a single mom.

They were together when they brought their daughter to this world. Though Kai lives with her mother, she is equally close to both of her parents, and both took equal responsibility for her financially.

Alexis Knapp and Ryan Phillippe, Parents of Kai Knap
An admired Hollywood actress, Alexis Knapp, and his Ex-boyfriend, Ryan Philippe.

Kai Knapp Siblings

Kai has two siblings, stepbrother, Deacon Phillippe, and step-sister, Ava Phillippe. Ava Phillippe, a 22 years old fashion star and a model, loves painting and sculpting. This Instagram sensation has over 700 thousand followers. She is equally close to her dad and mom.

Deacon is now just 16 years old and has persuaded a career in music composing and songwriting. He has recently published his first album Long Run. He looked similar to his father.

Kai Knapp’s father Ryan was previously married to Resse Witherspoon

Ryan wed actress Reese Witherspoon in 1999. They met together in 1998 at Reese’s birthday party and got drawn to each other. Their marriage continued till 2006. Reese later said that her marriage at the early age of 23 was the leading cause of their divorce. From this marriage, Ryan had two children, Ava Elizabeth (1999) and Reese Phillippe (2003).

Reese is now a successful Academy Award-winning actress, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. As per Forbes, Knapp’s among the 100 most influential ladies for the year 2019, according to Forbes. Today, Reese and Ryan are friends, and sometimes, they spend their time with the children. In 2011, Reese married Tim Joth.

Ryan started his relationship with another actress, Alexis Knapp, in 2011, and it ended within September 2011. Ryan has a daughter from this relationship. After the end of a short-term relationship with Alexis Knapp, he stayed in a relationship with Paulina Slagter from 2011 to 2016 that terminated without any children.

Kai Knapp mother Alexis Knapp

Alexis is also an admired Hollywood name. Alexis originally came from the Pennsylvania state of the USA. She was born on July 31, 1989. She was brought up by her parents Bradford and Marjorie Knapp. Later, her parents shifted to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where she enjoyed her childhood with her brothers, Jose and Jack. Singing and dancing are her hobbies.

Unfortunately, Alexis lost her beloved father when she was only 15 years old. Later, being unable to bear the burden, Knaap left the house and went to Los Angeles when she turned 18.

She initiated her career as a host of Internet Video Series” Project Lore.” Later, she started modeling and acting. Alexis also worked for a background role in the first Percy Jackson movie and Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

She has worked in the movie like Ground Floor and Project X. She is famous for her role in Pitch Black franchise as Stacie Conrad. After that, she got featured in TV Series called ‘Super Fun Night and the first season of TBS Comedy, ‘Ground Floor.’ In 2017, she acted in the movie My Christmas Prince.

Now, her relationships are not talked about in public. Knaap’s mother-daughter resides in Los Angeles with her daughter. Her total worth is assumed to be around 5 million dollars.

Kai Knapp with her mother, Alexis Knapp
An admired Hollywood actress, Alexis Knapp, and her daughter, Kai Knap.

Father Ryan Phillippe 

Matthew Ryan Phillippe came into this world on September 10, 1974, in New Castle. His father, Richard, worked as a chemist, and his mother, Susan, supported him in his daycare center. He finished his graduation from Barbizon Modelling and Acting Program in Delaware.

Initially, Ryan made an appearance in the Soap Opera One Life to Live.’ Then, he worked in TV series like ‘Due South,’ ‘Matlock,’ ‘The Secrets of Lake Success,’ etc., and films like ‘Crimson Tide and ‘White Squall.’ Later, he became popular in the 1990s and performed a role in movies like Cruel Intentions,’ ‘Flags of our Fathers,‘ ‘Stop Loss,‘ ‘54,’ I Know What You Did Last Summer,‘ etc. His total worth is estimated to be around 35 million dollars.

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