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Meet Kamaru Usman, Wife Eleslie Dietzsch, and Daughter

Image of professional MMA(mixed martial artist), Kamaru USMAN

Kamaru Usman is a Nigerian-born American professional MMA(mixed martial artist). He was born in this world on the 11th of May 1987 to a middle-class family in a small town called Auchi.

After spending eight years of his life in average living conditions, his father brought him and his entire family to the US.

However, things didn’t become smooth so quickly. As a kid with poor English and black descent, Usman’s fellow classmen often teased and bullied him. He used to play football during his sophomore year.

Still, a significant injury led him to find an alternative path in wrestling and, later down the road, a career in MMA.

Both MMA and wrestling came to him in the same way, and he had eventually blown up without his knowledge.

Kamaru is Married to His Wife Eleslie Dietzsch

Kamaru Usman has been married to Eleslie Dietzsch for over a few years now. After dating her in 2012, they have been on a steady path in their relationship.

Image of professional MMA(mixed martial artist), Kamaru USMAN and his wife
A professional MMA(mixed martial artist), Kamaru USMAN, and his wife, Eleslie Dietzsch.

In an interview back in 2016, he revealed that Eleslie was his girlfriend, and now, in 2021, they tied the knot and have a beautiful daughter aged 7.

Being an incredibly private person, he hasn’t shared much of his love life in the masses. But rest assured, the two seem to have a very fulfilling life with each other.

Who is Kamaru Usman Wife Eleslie Dietzsch?

Kamaru Usman’s baby momma and wife Eleslie Dietzsch has not much written about her. Even as the wife, she has no feature on her husband’s wiki.

However, we can tell you that Eleslie is of Portuguese nationality and Brazilian descent.

She is five years older than Usman, making her 38 years old in 2021, and celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of November 1986.

Additionally, Eleslie seems to have two sisters and her father and mother altogether in her side of the family.

Eleslie Dietzsch Social Media Activities

Eleslie Dietzsch is available on Instagram with a following of 1009 as of today. Alongside this, she also runs her daughter’s Instagram with her husband and posts pictures of the family doing various activities.

She actively posts on her Instagram account as well. The latest post is on the 11th of June as I am writing this article.

Her Instagram bio states,

“Her vibe was completely her own…

…She reminded me of no one.”

Samirah Usman: Daughter of Kamaru Usman

Unlike her mother and father, baby Samirah likes to enjoy her spotlight. Born in 2014, she is the only daughter of Kamaru and Eleslie.

Image of professional MMA(mixed martial artist), Kamaru USMAN and his family
A renowned MMA(mixed martial artist), Kamaru USMAN, and his wife, Eleslie Dietzsch and his daughter, Samirah.

Samirah is a beautiful little lady who loves spending time with her parents and shares a great bond with them. We can often see her attending her father’s games like a lovely daughter.

Due to the bond they share, Samirah often shows up on her father’s and mother’s Instagram, and we can see her having a great time. She even has her own Instagram and a self-named YouTube channel with about 186 subscribers.

From what we already know, the Usman family enjoys each other’s company, and we hope it stays the same way in the future.

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