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Kamil McFadden Height, Age, Brother Kimario McFadden

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Image of Kamil Mcfadden

Kamil McFadden is a voiceover artist and an actor. The American television actor is famous for his voiceover skills for many actors. An actor by passion, he started his acting journey when he was six. His brother, Kimario McFadden is a Canadian footballer.

He has gained popularity as Ernie Cooper of K.C. Undercover. In the Disney Channel series, Kamil played the brother of K.C. Cooper. The role of Ernie Cooper brought him to the spotlight, and he hasn’t had to look back since then. Dive in to get more idea about his height and age in this review.

How old is Kamil McFadden? Age and Early Life

Kamil is 24 years old and was born in 1996. The voiceover artist celebrates September 10 as his birthday. He has already accomplished so much at the age of 24. The Atlanta native did not go to school in his childhood.

He got homeschooling instead and was taught American history, and his teacher made him reenact the historical events that he would learn. He, along with his brother, Kimario McFadden, got homeschooled for five years under a teacher.

His teacher made him understand the bitter past of the African-American community during those events. The reenactment during his homeschooling honed his acting skills and also gave him a better understanding of historical events.

His Height and Weight

The popular young actor is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Although a short guy, Kamil weighs 72 kg.

kamil Mcfadden in appealing look
The American television actor, Kamil McFadden


Meet Kamil McFadden’s Brother, Kimario McFadden

Kamil has an older brother Kimario McFadden. Born in 1991, Kimario is a professional football player. The linebacker attended South Carolina State College and played for the college football team.

Kimario started his professional football journey in 2014 when he signed to play for Atlanta Falcons. Although he played for the team just for a few months, the club gave him a break in professional football playing.

He has been continuing the journey and playing for a Canadian team called Toronto Argonauts since 2017. The 6 feet 11 inches tall player is one of the best linebackers. He is making his professional football journey a success like his younger brother is taking off his acting journey.

Kamil McFadden with his brother, Kimario
The American television actor Kamil McFadden and his brother, Kimario McFadden

Kamil McFadden Wikipedia

Kamil got an opportunity to attend a renowned theater company when he was 8 years old. The theater called Youth Ensemble of Atlanta chose him through audition. After joining the theater, Kamil became even more confident in his acting skills. He also learned to sing and dance better while he was in the theater.

The young actor got a chance to travel to China on tour at 8 from the theater.

He has done many theatrical performances like in Raisin in the Sun, The Lie, Times, etc. Kamil did not limit himself only to the theater. He started doing television shows like House of Payne. His television acting and voiceover career has got many other credits in his name.

Taking his career to a broader audience, he showed his acting skills also in movies. He has done films like An Evening with Andrew Young. The actor of African-American descent has so much acting passion that it has brought him immense success. He saw his career taking off after playing K.C. Undercover.

Net Worth and Income Sources

Although Kamil has done many theater shows, television series, and films, his net worth is still unclear. It is not clear how much does the actor charge for his roles in the films and series.

The young and talented actor has accomplished so much and has an even more promising future ahead of him. He has been doing great in his career so far. Let’s hope his net worth will be revealed soon and the world gets to know about it.

Social Media Activities

The former Cartoon Network actor loves to connect with his fans through social media. He stays in connection with his audience through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

His posts on Instagram garner thousands of likes where 233K followers follow him. People also love to see his tweets. His Twitter account has 13.5K followers. 70K people follow his Facebook page; however, he seems to be less active on the page. Having 70 thousand followers even on the page that is not so active shows us the actor’s popularity.

As an actor, Kamil has a good understanding of staying connected to the audience. Thus, he makes perfect use of the social media platforms that work the best for him.

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