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Karen Houghton Net Worth, Age, Daughter Natalie Zettel and Facts about Kris Jenner Sister.

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Image of Karen Houghton

Have you heard the name, Karen Houghton? She is the sister of Kris Jenner,  a prominent woman in the Hollywood industry who happens to be in almost every controversy around her expanded cranes. She is very much in power and rules the entire Kar/Jenner imperial. Yet, she has managed to keep one of the biggest secrets about her sister away from the media. 

If you are surprised after knowing the multimillionaire has a younger sister, you are certainly not the only one. This article is perfect for the ones who are curious to know about this hidden sister. So, dive in to learn more about Kris Jenner’s sister, Karen Houghton, and her net worth and age. Also, unravel several facts about her daughter, Natalie Zettel, in this review.

Who is Karen Houghton? Early Life

Karen is the sister of the famous reality TV star and the manager of all her daughters, Kris Jenner. Some people love fame and media attention, and some are those who like their personal space. Likewise, the lesser-known sister prefers to stay away from the limelight and hasn’t been in any of the episodes of the mega show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashian’. However, rumors are surfacing around the feud between the sisters, which we’ll get to know later in the article. Meanwhile, let’s find out what does this mysterious sibling does to keep herself busy below.

So, this unraveled personality is quite secretive regarding her private life, yet she is a strong independent woman. When her husband was addicted to drinking, this brave lady raised her daughter all by herself. Similarly, Houghton pays her bills and doesn’t depend on her billionaire sister. Besides, this self-reliant mother is an author of the cookbook Naturally Connoisseur, which has a second sequel too.


Karen Houghton enjoying in red dress

Karen Houghton, sister of the famous reality TV star, Kris Jenner

Karen Houghton Net Worth

The lesser-known member of the Jenner clan is someone who has worked extra hard to gain processions of a wealthy lifestyle. Unlike her sister, she was not able to turn her family members into a brand. That’s why to keep up with her rich tribe, Karen had to take multiple jobs. Earlier, this hardworking woman was saving lives as a part-time nurse. She indeed believes in giving back to society.

As a writer and a medic, the helpful caretaker has obtained more than enough fortune throughout her career. She has a very luxurious life with a massive sum of money in the bank. The Net worth of Karen Houghton is estimated to be around $9million.

How old is She? Age and Birthday

The forbidden relative will turn 62 this November 24, as she was born in the year 1958. Her parents, Mary Jo Campbell and Robert Houghton raised her in the United States of America. Along with a notorious sibling, this Sagittarius mama grew up in a religious catholic home. As a child of divorce, she has a painful young memory of her father coming home late, constantly drunk. Likewise, it was only her mother who was present most of her childhood. Sadly, the alcoholic dad has now passed away.

Furthermore, this devoted worshiper spent most of her life in a church and attended a Presbyterian high school. Later she joined the state college of San Diego for her further qualifications. In her initial age, one of the crucial people in her life was the famous Jenner, but now they have drifted apart. Please scroll down and find out about their bad blood.

Karen Houghton Relationship with her sister Kris Jenner

The rivalry between the two offspring is obviously a thing, yet it surely depends on how much it stretches later in life. Similarly, these two successions haven’t been able to share a room without any conflict. Although there haven’t been any conversations about the cause in media, there is defiantly a feud between them. It all started when the younger one accused the eldest sister of running for fame and taking care of her reputation rather than their bond. Again, she commented on Jenner by saying she was lonely after her public split with her husband, Bruce. Later Kris herself fueled the rumors by not wishing her little one on her big 60th birthday.

Nonetheless, the doublet was trying to mend their relationship and was seen together celebrating Christmas last year. Karen also remarked on her sibling’s new face surgery by complimenting her looks in social media. In the upcoming years, we are optimistic they will bring back their genuine connection.

Karen Houghton Sister Kris Jenner

There are only a few people around the world who don’t know about the glorious Kardashian. Even though their show is coming to an end, the crew leader is far away from disappearing from the spotlight. She is a part of the extended family where all of them are well-known celebrates with trillions of dollars in the pocket. This glamours sensation was born as Kristen Mary in November 5, 1955. Her presence has made a next-level revolutionary in the entertainment industry with over $190 million Networth.

Additionally, the millionaire has six kids from her two marriages. As someone who likes media attention, strangely, there always happens to be scandals around her. Robert Kardashian, the first husband, was involved in the highly anticipated case of OJ Simpson. Likewise, her second spouse realized he was not in the right body after 23 years of courtship.

Kris Jenner looking beautiful in short hair

American media personality, Kris Jenner

Karen Houghton was married to Mark Zettel

Apparently, Houghton chose a lover similar to her father, which grievously didn’t go the right way. The couple was together by the law for six years until his violating behavior after consuming drugs became unbearable. Mark Zettel went beyond his senses and got a restraining order against his wife after following her even after the divorce. According to the outlets, the cruel husband has been arrested 16 times till now. He even abused his innocent daughter, Natalie.

Her Daughter Natalie Zettel

 The daughter of the Heroic mummy seems to be following the footstep of her splendid cousins and is mainly close with the beauty mastermind, Kylie Jenner. She is the one helping the fans to get an exclusive update around her mother’s prominent families. As of now, the beautiful girl is 23 years old and is steeping into the glam world by being an Instagram influencer with 56.4k followers. In addition, the talented youth recently completed her college, and it looks like she has found the one whose name is Noah Warren.

Karen Houghton looking happy with her daughter

Karen Houghton and her daughter, Natalie Zettel

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