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Katie Katro Bio, Age, and Wikipedia

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Images of American newspaper reporter, Katie Katro

The American news reporter Katie Katro grew up in several different countries before her parents settled in the USA. This beautiful reporter experienced diverse cultural riches as she was growing up. Want to know more facts like age, career, bio, and other exciting info about Katie Katro? This article is for you to get more insight into her life.

Who is Katie Katro? Early Life and Bio

Katie is a girl born in Greece in 1992 to her Albanian parents. Her childhood days were full of traveling and migrating to different countries. She relocated to England with her parents, where they lived for quite a while. Later on, her parents moved to Belfast of Northern Ireland, and they lived there for a few years.

Like many people in the world, her parents also dreamed of living in America, so they migrated to the USA. They settled in Philadelphia, where they have a massive community of people of the Albanian root. Thus, Katie moved to different countries as a child along with her parents.

She has grown up with exposure to multiple cultural riches and lifestyles. A girl of Albanian descent born in Greece, grown up in England and Ireland, Katie became a US citizen when she was fourteen through naturalization.

As she grew up in different places, she went to different schools in her early life. When her family settled in the US eventually, she could attend a permanent school. She developed an interest and passion for sharing stories thus decided to take up journalism.

Katie Katro looking happy with her parents
The American news reporter, Katie Katro and her parents

How old is Katie Katro? Age and Birthday

Her birth year 1992 makes the beautiful reporter 28 years old as of June 2021. The girl in her late 20s enjoys her birthday celebration on the 10th of December.

Katie Katro Education

Although she attended schools for her early education in different countries, she attended Abington High School in Philadelphia when she moved to the US. She graduated high school from Abington and went to Temple University to study journalism as her major.

As she was growing up in her teenage years, learning and experiencing American culture boosted her interest in journalism even stronger. Her interest and passion for journalism got a strong foundation while she was in high school. She had that talent of a reporter when she was in school. She prepared reports for Abington’s cable channel and also edited the high school’s paper.

Katie Katro Wikipedia and Career

The American reporter of Albanian descent started her career in journalism after graduating from the Temple University. She joined 5News in Arkansas as a field reporter and a substitute anchor. After working in 5News for some time, she went to work on WTIC in Connecticut as a field reporter and a substitute anchor.

Katie’s journalism career has taken off since she started and has made her name as a talented and brave journalist. She works in 6ABC Action News TV in Philadelphia. The Philadelphian journalist joined Action News TV in 2018 and has been doing great in her career with the channel.

Action News was her dream channel as she grew up watching the channel that helped her build more interest in journalism. She has brought her dream come true and is happy about that.

She has successfully covered many challenging reports that have helped her establish her name as a brave journalist. The journalist of Albania root also loves to prepare reports and share stories about people of different backgrounds and cultures that need representation.

Katie Katro Net Worth and Salary

As a news reporter on the Action News channel, Katie makes a decent amount of money annually. She receives about $66k annually in her salary, which is a good amount for a reporter. Her incomes source is only as a journalist, a career that she pursued passionately. She has a net worth of about $650K from her career as a journalist.

Weight, Height, and Measurements

The Action New reporter is not only famous for being a brave journalist but also for her looks. She is a slender and tall girl of 5 feet 8 inches with a well-carved body. The Philadelphian journalist weighs about 59 kg. She has a fit and healthy body; however, the exact figure measurement of her body is unavailable.

Katie Katro smiling in beautiful dress
The American news reporter, Katie Katro

Social Media Activities

As a media personality, Katie understands the importance of being on social media. So, she uses the platform and updates them quite frequently. In her Twitter account, she has tweeted a picture of a beautiful rainbow seen from Ocean City’s boardwalk just eight hours before writing this article. Currently, she has 17k followers.

She is not only active on Twitter but also on Instagram. 60.9k Followers follow her Instagram account. She has a Facebook page where she has 52k followers. The reporter posts on all her social media account regularly. All her social media accounts are verified accounts.

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