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Keisha Chambers (Justin Chambers Wife) Age, Daughter Eva, Children

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Images of Justin Chambers's wife, Keisha Chambers

It is believed that when people have the support of their loved ones, they may reach any level of success. Here, we have brought you the life details of such a supportive celebrity wife who was there for him while struggling and is now enjoying name and fame along with her husband.

Justin Chambers, the Grey’s Anatomy actor, attributes the success in his career to his supportive wife, Keisha Chambers. Learn interesting facts about Keisha, her age, and daughter Eva right here.

Who is Keisha Chambers? Bio

Keisha Chambers is a former model agency booker who is well-recognized as actor Justin Chambers’s wife. She was the sole daughter of her parents with two elder brothers. Likewise, her father used to serve in the U.S. Military Force, and the details on her mother are off the record. Being the youngest child, she was highly loved by everyone.

Despite her family’s financial difficulties, she was able to complete her studies with the support of her brothers. After completing her education, she chose a career in the field of a modeling agency. Even though she could not walk on the ramp, she, as a model agency booker, helped other models get contracts.

How Old Is Keisha Chambers? Age and Birthday

Born and brought up in a lower-middle-class family in the United States, Keisha Chambers’s age at present is in the late 40s. Though the exact information on her birth year is not disclosed, some sources believe that it is 1971. Likewise, her birthday is celebrated on the 27th of August. Also, her birth name is Keisha Leon, and she endures Afro-American ethnicity.

Keisha Chambers is married to a husband, Justin Chambers

A long-lasting marriage relationship among celebrity couples is quite rare in Hollywood. However, Keisha and her husband Justin Chamber’s long-term husband, wife love, has set an example in the industry. The pair were dating before they got married. They met while Justin was a Calvin Klein model and Keisha was serving as a model booker. So, the pair fell in love while working in the same field, dated privately for a while, and now they have been married for more than two decades. They made their romantic relationship public after they exchanged their wedding vows in the year 1993. As of now, the pair are living an accomplished life along with their 5 children in Ohio.

Furthermore, even after so many years of marriage, Justin never fails to praise his wife, be it private or public. In one of the interviews, Justin said,” I just feel really fortunate to have found someone who will be my partner on this journey.” Like any other relationship, they do have their ups and downs but what made their love life different is that their willingness to say by each other’s side no matter what. To sum up, we must say that the couple’s strong bond earns great appreciation.

Keisha Chambers in black outfit with her husband, Justin Chambers
A former model agency booker, Keisha Chambers, and her husband, Justin Chambers

Keisha Chambers Children

Keisha and Justin’s love has brought 5 beautiful lives on the Earth. The pair have 4 daughters Isabella, Maya, Eva, Kaila, and a son Jackson Chambers. Eva and Kaila are twin sisters. Furthermore, the couple has always desired a large family, so they adopted two rescue dogs after having five lovely children. The family is highly supportive of one another, and they are regularly seen vacationing together.

Keisha Chamber with her husband and children
A former model agency booker, Keisha Chamber, and her husband, Jason Chamber, and her children

Keisha Chambers Daughter, Eva Chambers 

Currently known as a celebrity kid, it is not long when Eva Chambers will make her family proud of her talent. Eva was born to a famous actor Justin Chambers and Keisha Chambers in March 1999. She is now 22 years old. Raised with 4 more siblings, Eva recognized her passion and interest in music while she and one of her sisters started a band and played keyboard. In an interview, Eva stated that she was determined to teach herself every other musical instrument since that time.

With time passing, Eva’s passion and talent only grew. And as of now, she has her own band named Pinky Pinky. The band consisted of Eva and her 2 friends from high school. Talking more about the band, Eva is a bass guitarist, Anastasia is the vocalist and drummer, and Isabelle is the guitarist. The band was highly praised when they got an opportunity to perform at the MOCA museum. Eva and her band released their debut album ‘Turkey Dinner’ in 2019. Later, Isabelle left the band, and now it is just Eva and Anastasia releasing songs.

Keisha Chambers Husband, Justin Chambers

The 51-year-old Justin Chamber is a well-known American actor and an ex-model. He is well-recognized as Dr. Alex Karev from the famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Chambers has always been fascinated by the entertainment industry. So, to pursue his career in the field of his passion, he studied acting at HB Studio. At the initial stage, he began his career as a model and served various famous brands like Calvin Klein, Armani, etc.

His acting journey began in 1995, and since then, he has worked in dozens of films and TV shows. Liberty Heights, Broken City, Justice League, Seasons of Love, Cold Case, are some of his hit movies and TV series. Furthermore, the actor has won various awards like ‘Teen Choice Awards,’ ‘Prism Awards,’ ‘People Choice Awards’ to name a few.

Net worth and Career

The celebrity wife’s net worth is reported to be around $18million, according to the source. She has been living a lucrative living out of her accomplished career. But what does she do? Keisha began her career as a model agent booker. There, she was responsible for setting up her clients with relevant modeling opportunities.

Moreover, after working as a model booker for some years, she took a break from her career and spent a comfortable life raising her kids as a homemaker. Later, she subsequently went back to work as a manager for her husband, Justin. So, after all of their hard work and commitment to their careers, the husband and wife have earned an affluent living.

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