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Keith Lee Girlfriend Mia Yim, Net Worth, age

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Image of a legendary wrestler, Keith Lee

Keith Lee is a legendary wrestler, having won multiple championships. In 2017, he was ranked Number 10 of Best Male Wrestlers. However, currently, he is absent from his wrestling career. His absence is supposed to be due to injuries, but some media outlets suggest it is because of something else. What may be the reason? Is it possible that the wrestler is busy organizing his wedding with his fiancée Mia Lee

No, one knows. But every WWE fan is now waiting for Kevin Lee to be back on the ring. Now, while waiting for Keith to be back, let’s gain some information about him.

Who is Keith Lee? Age and Early Life

Keith, a professional wrestler, was born in 1984 in Texas, United States. His age at present is 36 years and his birthday is celebrated on the 8th of November. Likewise, it was his grandmother who introduced him to the wrestling world at a tender age. Being a wrestling fan herself, she had shared her love in wrestling with her grandson, never knowing she would one day see Keith in the WWE ring as a champion.

Keith Lee is engaged to Mia Yim.

The two wrestling legends have officially come together. Keith Lee and Mia Yim have been exchanged rings and announced the engagement in February 2021. On one of her Instagram posts, Mia was seen flaunting her engagement ring along with her boyfriend Keith, and she captioned it as “I said yes. Mr.& Mrs. Lee.”

Though the pair have appeared on the ring together as opposing players, they are soul mates in real life. Further, Mia has also updated the fans about their wedding. She peened down a tweet saying that their wedding venue is decided.

So, now the wrestling fans are very excited to see their favorite wrestlers’ wedding.

Keith Lee with his girlfriend, Mia Yim

A legendary wrestler, Keith Lee, and his girlfriend, Mia Yim

Who is Keith Lee’s girlfriend, Mia Yim?

The 32 years old Mia Yim is also a wrestler like her fiance Keith Lee. She began her professional wrestling career in 2009 and had been making appearances on the ring ever since. Like Keith, her WWE debut was also made in 2018. Her birth name is Stephanie Hym Bell, but she is known as Mia Yim and Reckoning in the wrestling world.

Since her childhood, she was a huge wrestling fan, so she decided to have a career in the area she was interested in. Before WWE, she wrestled under Ring of Honor, Shimmer Women Athletes, and others. Furthermore, the lady has won various championships like Shine ChampionBTW Women’s ChampionshipNWA FUW Women’s Championship, to name a few.

In addition to wrestling, she has also appeared in a movie named ‘The Main Event’ in 2020. And, she also streams video games on Twitch, and her playable character can be seen on the video game version of  WWE 2K20. 

Net Worth

The wrestler’s hard work and dedication at the wrestling ring are well-paid. He earns a colossal sum and has been successful in maintaining his net worth steadily high. Being said that, his net worth falls in the range of 100,000 to 1 Million, according to the source. It is his wrestling profession that provides him with the majority of his earnings. In addition, he might also earn from sponsorships and brand advertisements. So, to sum up, we must say that the fighting world has showered him with name, fame, and prosperity.


Introduced to the wrestling world at a young age, Keith is now a champion in that field. He began his wrestling career in 2005 at the age of 21. Since 2015 he appeared on Ring of Honor and wrestled there until 2017. Then in 2017, he joined Evolve and served there for a year. Then, it was April 2018 when the 6 feet 2 inches wrestler made his debut on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Since then, he has amassed a sizable fan base and has been praised for his exceptional abilities. He joined WWE’s Raw division in 2020 and has been there ever since. His latest fight was on February 2021 and later was scheduled to fight with Ruddle and Bobby Lashley, but he is absent since then due to an injury.

Before becoming a wrestler, Keith was trying to make his career in football and even played college football for his team at Texas A&M University.


Keith Lee wining the match of WWE

A legendary wrestler, Keith Lee

Where is Keith Lee?

The celebrity wrestler is not seen in the WWE ring for several months now. His last battle was in February 2021, according to reports. His followers are concerned about him and want to know why he hasn’t returned to the ring. The legend has been spotted on social media, but he has yet to comment on his absence.

His followers have been wondering where he is and how much they miss him in his latest Instagram postings. Many believe he is taking a sabbatical due to health concerns, but in one of the interviews, Mike Johnson of PWInsider Elite claims that he has never obtained a complete answer on what happened to Keith. As a result, he believes that his absence has some creative reasons.

So, now his fans are just waiting for their idol to be back on the WWE, or at least they expect Keith to reveal the reason for his disappearance.

Social Media Activities

The wrestling legend is quite active on social media platforms. He has a verified Instagram handle, @realkeithlee, with 448k followers. And his posts on Instagram mostly feature his dedicated career on the ring. Likewise, the wrestler is equally active on Twitter. He joined the platform in 2014 as @RealKeithLee. His fans have showered him with much love on Twitter, too, as there 186.5k people following his tweets.

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