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Kelly Davis Rucker (Lamman Rucker’s ex-Wife) Age, Wiki.

Image of the wife of popular American actor (Lamman Rucker), Kelly Davis Rucker

Kelly Davis Rucker is the wife of popular American actor and entertainer, Lamman Rucker. Although Kelly has her career, she is more popular because she is married to Rucker.

Lamman Rucker has acted in soap operas, movies, and series and has gained popularity for his acting skills.

Who is Kelly Davis Rucker? 

Although Kelly Davis Rucker’s date of birth is not clear, we can assume her to be in the late 30s or early 40s.

She is a media personality and has gained some popularity. But she is widely known as the wife of a celebrity actor. The information describes her as a media personality but her career detail is not available.

She is a person who loves to keep things private.

We only know that she was born in the USA and currently holds American citizenship. There is not much information available about her education and personal life.

Married Life with Lamman Rucker.

It is not clear when they started dating and how long they stayed in a relationship before getting married.

Rucker was in a relationship with Jill Scott, an American singer, and songwriter in 2008. However, it is not clear when the two separated and Rucker started dating Davis.

Since they got married, Davis has been a constant support to her husband Lamman Rucker. The couple is living a happy life together as husband and wife.

Image of a media personality, Kelly Davis Rucker and his husband
Kelly Davis Rucker, the wife of popular American actor and entertainer, Lamman Rucker

Age and Date of Birth.

Although Kelly is a celebrity spouse, finding her personal information is a challenge. There is not much information available for the public.

Her date of birth has not been disclosed to the public. We can only guess her to be in the early 40s at the higher end.


NameKelly Davis
Date of BirthN/A
Place of BirthUSA
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseLamman Rucker

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