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Kendall Gray Age, Height, Net Worth and Wiki-Biography

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Image of Youtuber, Kendall Gray

In the age of social media today, it has allowed many talents to make their name and money from it. One of such people is Kendall Gray, who has become a popular creator of YouTube videos. Here, you will find about age, height, net worth, and biography of the young American YouTube video creator.

Who is Kendall Gray?

Now that we know Kendall is an American YouTube sensation let’s be specific about his birthplace. He was born in Eastern Kentucky in 2000. His parents’ details have been unclear so far. However, his mother’s name is Brenda Gray, but there is no more information about her. And his father’s name is Marty Gary. There is not much information about him as well.

The YouTube star creates videos about his outdoor activities. He is an outdoorsy person by nature, and he cashes the same to create video content and share it with his audience. He is a hobbyist hunter and also loves fishing. And, he records everything he does outdoors and edits to create amazing video content to share with his audience.

How old is Kendall Gray? Age and Birthday

As the YouTube star was born in the year 2000. To be specific about his birthday, it falls on 23 July. So, it makes him 2o years old as of  June 2021.

Kendall Gray Height and Weight

The young YouTube sensation is 5 feet 6 inches tall. And his weight is around 108 pounds. He has got an attractive and well-built body for a young man of 20.

Kendall Gray Merch’ Kendall Gray Outdoors’

Apart from being a famous YouTube star, the 20-year old Eastern Kentucky boy is also an entrepreneur. He has launched a merch-line that he has named after combining his name and passion. His website ‘Kendall Gray Outdoors’ sells apparel and outdoor equipment.

He has converted his passion for the outdoors into his business. His merchandise includes everything you’ll need for hunting and fishing. The YouTube sensation sells t-shirts, hats, shirts, hoodies, sunglasses, backpacks, gloves, socks, etc., on his website.

Net Worth

Since he started his YouTube channel in 2015, the vlogger has been gaining fame on the rise every day. The content he creates about his love for outdoor activities has found the right market for outdoor hobbyists.

His YouTube channel has a staggering 1.48 million subscribers with millions of views. He has uploaded 761 videos on his channel by the time we are preparing this article. The channel is his primary source of income which generates most of what he has made today. We can assume that he gets paid a handsome rate for the monetized videos on his channel.

Apart from his income from YouTube, the social media star also earns from his business. Although sources have varying opinions on the net worth of the young vlogger, he is assumed to be around $500K. Some sources have also talked about his net worth to be over a million.

Whatever his net worth is, there is no question that the young sensation makes a lot of money every year from YouTube and his business.

Kendall Gray looking handsome in blue shirt
Popular creator of YouTube videos, Kendall Gray


When we look at his videos on YouTube and photos on Instagram, we find the vlogger indulging in outdoor activities. We can say that he loves hunting and fishing. He has mentioned the same on his channel. In the stories and posts on his Instagram and videos on his YouTube channel, the young social media star is seen enjoying hunting and fishing with his friends.

Social Media Activities

The popular vlogger has made great use of social media to rise to fame. Apart from building a popular YouTube channel, he also indulges on Instagram. 170K people follow him on the platform as of writing this article. He also has a Facebook page called Kendall Gray Outdoors, where he seems to be quite active but not as popular as on YouTube and Instagram.



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