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Kennedy Owen (Gary Owen Daughter) Age, Mother Kenya Duke, and Facts

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Images of the celebrity kid, Kennedy Owen

The majority of people feel that celebrity kids should pursue careers in the entertainment business like their parents. However, this may not be the case for every celebrity child because they, too, are human beings like the rest of us, with the ability to pursue a career in whatever sector they want. As a result, being biased just because they are connected to celebrities is not fair. Their decision to pursue a career in an area other than entertainment should be normalized. Today, we’ve given you the inside scoop on one such celebrity child, Kennedy Owen, who selected a very different professional path than her famous father.

Who Is Kennedy Owen?

Kennedy is widely known as the celebrity kid. Being the child of two amazing parents, Kennedy Owen is a lucky teenager. She is the only daughter of Gary Owen and Kenya Duke. He is famous as he has work in a popular movie, ‘Daddy’s Day Care.’

And, her mother Kenya Duke, is a homemaker as well as an entrepreneur. She is highly pampered as the only daughter of her parents. Furthermore, because she is still in her teens and is pursuing her studies, she has yet to establish a career and become well-known. As a result, Kennedy is known by her father’s name for the time being. 

How Old is Kennedy Owen? Age

Kennedy is 19 years old at present. Her birth took place in the United States in 2002. Likewise, her birthday falls on the 3rd of July, which is also the month when her parents married. Moreover, her parents are from different ethnicity; her mum is Afro-American while her father is Native American. As a result, Miss Owen herself endures a mixed ethnicity.

Kennedy Owen Parents married in 2003 

The parents of Owen have a pretty intriguing relationship. Her father and mother have parented her properly, and it can be seen well reflected in her behavior. The famous standup comedian was enjoying his golden days when he got married to Kenya Duke in 2003. There are many details about their wedding, one of which is their wedding cake being dropped by the baker. Their wedding is also known as the hot mess as there were several unforeseen situations that the duo faced.

The details about their dating life are unknown, and they want to keep that information confidential. But it is quite clear that they met, for the first time, in a comedy show in Los Angeles where Gary was the only white performer for which the crowd presented a standing ovation for his performance.

Then, they got attracted to each other, exchanged each other’s numbers, and started dating. Gary was successful in impressing her and then the duo married each other in 2003. They are widely known as the famous couple who have a happy multi-racial relationship.

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke, parents of Kennedy Owen
An eminent American actor, Gary Owen, and his wife, Kenya Duke

Are Kennedy Owen’s parents getting a divorce? 

It is hard to believe, but the question is affirmative, and the information is reasonably correct. Kennedy’s parents are getting a divorce. They had a profound relationship for almost 17 successful years, where they shared a home and children. The duos are having a hard time facing this inevitable situation. They have filed their divorced in March 2021.

Though the actual reason for their split is unknown. However, there are suspicions that Gary cheated on Kenya. Although their divorce procedures are ongoing, they have already started living separately. According to the source, Kenya has demanded spousal support of around $44,000 per month.

The main reason for demanding the money was to support herself and her children as she left her career years ago for her family. To this, Gary responded that their kids are not minors and are already adults. Let’s hope that the once-celebrated couple can part ways in peace without causing any controversy. 


Miss Owen is not the only child of her parents. However, she is their only daughter. She grew up along with two older siblings named Emilio Toliver and Austin Owen. Emilio is the most senior and is 30 years old, whereas Austin had just completed his teenage and is 20 years old. Moreover, Emilio is the half-brother of Kennedy and Austin as his biological father was a man from his mother’s prior relationship. The 3 share an extraordinary love and support for each other.

Kennedy Owen smiling with her siblings and parents
The celebrity kid, Kennedy Owen, and her parents and brothers

Kennedy Owen’s Father, Gary Owen’s Net worth 

Gary Owen is an eminent American actor, director, and standup comedian. Owen began his acting career in the 1990s and lived a lavish lifestyle as a celebrity.  According to a source, his net worth is around $4 million. All the credit to his colossal earning goes to his acting career and also his career as a comedian.

Speaking of his career, it flourished from the late 1990s when he served at a standup comedy show called ‘Comic View.’ Since then, he has served in multiple movies and even has his comedy shows. Some of his famous roles are visible in the movies like ‘Little Man,’ ‘College’ to name a few. Before making a debut in the entertainment industry, he also served his country in the U.S. Navy for almost six years.

Kennedy Owen’s mother, Kenya Duke

Kenya Duke, known for being the wife of Gary Owen, is herself an established woman. She is the CEO of a sports and travel company called Premier Sports and Corporate Travel. Also, she has appeared in different shows like ‘The Gary Owen Show’ along with her husband. Also, she is popular for her role in the movie ‘Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling.’

Speaking of Kenya’s bio details, she is a woman in her mid-40s now, and she is quite of the highlight since she married Gary Owen, an American comedian, and actor. Kenya had previously been in a relationship with someone else. Moreover, she has a total of 3 children, and one of them is from her previous relationship. Mrs. Owen recently said in an interview that she left her accomplished career 20 years ago to support her husband Owen’s career and became a homemaker.

Kennedy Owen is attending an HBCU

To continue her educational journey, Kennedy Owen applied to different universities and has been accepted to North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T). The news about her acceptance was viral on social media when her father posted a picture of Gary holding the acceptance letter with vivid happiness. NC A&T is one of the popular historically black colleges. She will pursue her dream education in this university and will have a successful career just like her parents.

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