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Kenya duke (Gary Owen wife) Age, Kids, and Bio

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Images of Gary Owen wife, Kenya Duke

Kenya Duke is a successful businesswoman from the United States who is also known for being the ex-spouse of comedian Gary Owen. The couple recently parted ways after almost 23 years of togetherness, and fans are intrigued about the reason behind their separation. Even though the couple is no longer together, their fans are curious about Kenya. Hereby we write about her age, kids, biography, and many more.

Kenya Duke Age and Bio

Kenya Duke is now a 47-year-old businesswoman and ex-wife of Gary Owen. On July 26, 1974, she was born in Ohio, United States, and has an American nationality. Growing up, she always wanted to see herself as an actress. She always wanted to become an actress as her father belonged to the acting background.

On the other hand, her mother, Barbara Jean, used to work as an accountant, and she entirely supported her daughter’s dreams. She was indeed born to very supportive parents. While she enrolled for her high school studies, she played soccer and took part in the school’s drama club. She matriculated her high school in 1992 and further pursued her Bachelor’s degree.

Kenya Duke was married to Gary Owen

Kenya is blissfully married to Gary Owen. The duo initially encountered each other at a comedy club, where Gary was a performer. They instantly hit off in their first meeting and decided to meet at the same place again. Seeing each other regularly went on, and they started dating each other—the love birds dated for quite some time before getting married in July 19, 2003. There are reports that their wedding ceremony did not go well and was a complete nightmare. However, there are no revelations made about the incident. Some sources also claim that the couple married for the second time in 2006, due to some unfateful incident in their first marriage.

Kenya Duke with her ex-husband, Gary Owen
A successful businesswoman, Kenya Duke with her ex-husband, Gary Owen

Kenya Duke Kids

Kenya shares two children with her ex-husband Gary. They are Kennedy Owen and Austin Owen. However, she also has a son named Emilio Toliver from her past marriage. Gary, being his step-father, had always treated him like his own son. A few years back, he even posted a picture of him on his Instagram and wrote,

“Happy Birthday to my oldest son Emilio. When I married your mom you were a package deal. Thank you for being a great big brother & just all around nice guy. Still bothers me you can eat chicken fingers everyday & still have a 6 pack.”

Emilio is now 30 years old, but we don’t know who his biological father is until now.

Furthermore, their daughter Kennedy Owen is around 19 years old currently and is the only daughter of the couple. She states that she would be happier if she had been born in darker skin. She is the most rebellious children of them and shares a deep bond with her mother, as far as we know. Likewise, Austin is their middle child, who is 21 years old, and he is the most protective of his mother. The boy enjoys rapping with his father and never misses a chance to appreciate his parents.

Kenya Duke with his husband and children
Kenya Duke with his husband, Gary Owen, and children

Kenya Duke Divorce with Gary Owen

After almost 18 years of successful marital life, the duo has decided to part ways. It is reported that Duke has filed a divorce on March 7, 2021, in Los Angeles Superior Court. The couple was known to have a multicultural family, but that, unfortunately, came to an end now. Some rumors are floating on the internet that Gary cheated on Duke, but we are not sure how true that is. Reports were claiming that she demanded $44,000 a month as spousal support.

She also mentioned that she requested monthly spousal support because she left her job twenty-three years ago just to support her husband’s career. In fact, Kenya also says that her ex-husband hasn’t been supporting their children ever since they’re separated. Furthermore, when asked about child support, Gary stated that their children are no longer children, but they’re adults. It seems that their children have suffered the most from their parents’ separation.

Husband, Gary Owen Net Worth

Kenya’s ex-husband Gary Owen is a popular comedian who is also known for being an actor and screenwriter. He is currently 46 years old and is from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He has been active in this field of acting since 1997 and is still going great. The comedian got his biggest career break in 1997 after he was tagged as a Funniest Serviceman in America. He then got the chance to get featured on the stand-up comedy show called Comic View by Black Entertainment Television. Following the success, he then debuted in movies such as Daddy Day Care, Little Man, and College. Furthermore, he also had a TV show, The Cary Owen Show on BET, in 2016. An interesting fact about him is that he was a U.S. Navy for almost six years before joining comedy.

The comedian has managed to make a substantial amount from his career until now. As per reports, he has amassed a net worth of around $4 million. This huge sum comes from his hardwork and dedication he has put into being a successful comedian. Appearing in different comedy shows, movies and events pay him an incredible sum as he is one of the most demanded comedians in the United States.


Even though she wanted to become an actress as a kid, she ended up becoming a businesswoman. She is the CEO of her Premier Sports and Corporate Travel Company. Her company supports organizing Films and TV productions, music tours, and college sports. Furthermore, according to her IMDb, she has appeared in a documentary DeRay Davis: Power Play and Aries Spears: Hollywood, Look I’m Smiling. Besides, she was also featured on multiple episodes of “The Gary Owen Show.”

Net Worth

How much is Duke’s net worth? She is a successful entrepreneur and has a whopping net worth made out of her business. According to reports, she has more than $8.5 million worth to herself. Moreover, she might share her husband’s income, if necessary. However, the lady is capable of living a comfortable lifestyle on her own.

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