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Kevin Owens Wife Karina Elias Wiki-Biography and Facts

Image of the wife of Canadian wrestler Kevin Owens , Karina Elias

Kevin Owens is a professional wrestler originally from Canada who played in the infamous ring of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). After March 2018, he officially became a free agent because he got fired from WWE SmackDown. Let’s get to know more about Kevin Owens and his wife, Karina Elias.

Kevin began his career when he was just sixteen years of age. Likewise, he won several championships and wrestled with numerous WWE superstars along the line of his career.

In addition to his achievements, he also won the NXT Championship once.

Over the years of being a professional wrestler, Kevin developed special friendships and connections with many WWE superstars like Adrian Neville, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins. But among all these connections, his dearest friend was Sami Zayn.

Who is Karina Elias?

Karina Elias, Kevin Owens’ wife, was born on May 31, 1989, as she spent most of her childhood time in California, USA.

Furthermore, Karina joined Moreno Valley College, earning an Associate’s degree in subjects like math and science. After receiving her associate’s degree, in 2013, she graduated from California Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology as biology was the field she was passionate about.

Married Life with Her Husband, Kevin Owens

Speaking of this couple’s encounter, Kevin and Karina knew each other via Myspace in 2006 and started messaging each other. The duo dated for over a month before even approaching each other in person.

Image of the wife of Canadian wrestler Kevin Owens and Karina Elias

A professional wrestler, Kevin Owens and his wife Karina Elias.

Kevin and Karina tied their knot in 2007, and currently, they are the parents of two children. Furthermore, the duo’s son is named Owen, after the late Owen Hart.

Digging into the age gap of this beautiful couple, we find that there is just a 4-year age gap.

Similarly, after the duo finally married each other after dating for a year, they both tattooed “K” in their body, representing the initial of each other’s name. Kevin and Karina look like they are immensely in love with each other, judging from their Instagram posts.

Additionally, on August 26, 2020, they celebrated their anniversary and posted a picture on Instagram of them romantically kissing on their wedding day. They also like going varieties of places for dates which makes their relationship even more unique and beautiful.

Karina Elias Kids with Kevin Owens

Karina gave birth to two children, of which Kevin was the biological father. Kevin is entirely in love with his wife and does not pause to show either on social media or in public.

Image of the wife of Canadian wrestler Kevin Owens , Karina Elias and her family

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler, Kevin Owens with his wife, Karina Elias, and two kids.

Likewise, Owen, the couple’s son, is a big fan of professional wrestling. Considering that his father is also a pro wrestler, it does not come in much of a surprise.

Owen considers John Cena to be his favorite wrestler, and he is a massive fan of Cena.

Kevin told the media about how his son constantly urged him to fight John Cena. But that situation never saw the light.

Instead, Kevin took Owen to watch a live WWE match, and after the show, Owen wished to meet his idol. Unfortunately, John Cena could not muster his time to meet the young lad.

So, as an apology, Cena wrote a long-handwritten letter, a gesture Owen will never forget in his entire life.

Furthermore, Kevin also has a daughter named Elodie, born on April 22, 2014. He once posted a video on Twitter of his daughter playing with WWE action figures and toys.

Additionally, Kevin also stated how his daughter had already mastered the entrance of WrestleMania. He loves his daughter so much that he even has a tattoo of her name on his wrist.

Karina Elias Net Worth

Reportedly, Karina and Kevin have an estimated net worth of around $10 million. However, their methods and household do not illustrate to be spoiled or fame-obsessed.


Karina Elias was born on November 19, 1968, in Lima, Peru, and she is 52 years of age. Moreover, speaking of her early schooling, she finished it at her locality.

Soon after finishing school, Karina joined Moreno Valley College, graduating with degrees in Math and Science. She continued her education, graduating from the California Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2013.

After achieving her degree, she worked for Jason’s Deli Salad Bar from January 2014 to March 2015. Later in May 2018, Karina also became a part of the Intertek team as their Associate Project Coordinator.

Karina started working for Skechers in 2015 as a retailer, and she has been working with them to date. Furthermore, she has credits for a role in a movie named “Checkmate,” which reveals how versatile she can be at work in which she is interested.

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