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King Harris (T.I. Son) Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth and Wiki Facts

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Image of King Harris

King C’Andre Harris, also known as King Harris is a teenage social media sensation and rapper. But he is more famous as the child of American rapper T.I. and singer Tameka Cottle. Born in a family of musical personalities, the teenager knows the importance of staying in the limelight.

Let’s figure out more about the teenage Instagram celebrity.

Who Is T.I’s Son, King Harris?

King Harris became famous from social media, but he was already more popular as the son of T.I. and Tameka Cottle. The couple gave birth to King on 25 August 2004. Born as King C’Andre Harris in the United States, the teenager has risen to fame on social media.

The young rapper is the first child of his parents together; however, they have seven children from other relationships. T.I. and Tameka have three kids together, while four other kids are from T.I’s relationship with other women.

How Old Is King Harris? Age and Birthday

The young sensation on Instagram will turn 17 years in August 2021 as his birth year is 2004. He enjoys his birthday celebration on 25 August.

King Harris in appealing look
Teenage social media sensation and rapper, King Harris.

Is King Harris Dating a Girlfriend?

King is in the second half of his teenage years now. As a lovely celebrity, many girls might have a crush on him. As he is still too young to go through any serious relationship, we can assume that he must have been the crush of many.

However, the teenage social media star could have been some relationships. But there are no rumors or any facts to talk about this. We assume the young rapper to be single now.

King Harris Net Worth

As a young sensation on social media, King Harris gets paid for endorsements for different brands. Working in paid partnership, he makes quite a lot of money. Although there is no confirmed data on his income, his estimated net worth is over $500K.

The net worth is quite impressive for a 17-year old.

Siblings and Family

Born to father T.I. and mother Tameka, the young celeb has six other siblings. His father and mother have three children, including him. He has a young brother, Major Philant Harris, and a younger sister, Heiress Diana Harris. His other siblings are Deyjah Imani Harris, Domani Harris, and Messiah Harris, who was born to his father and different mothers.

He also has a half-sibling, Zonnique Pullins, from his mother’s side. The young rap music star has a great relation and rapport with all the siblings. His older siblings are also in music and acting and have achieved success in their fields. The oldest of all, Zonnique, is a singer following the path of her mother. The 25-year old singer has made her name and gained success as a singer.

Messiah Harris, another sibling of the Instagram celeb, is into acting and has done a few projects. He has been on the path to making his name as a successful actor. Another sibling, Domani Harris, is a singer and entrepreneur. The 21-year old from the Harris family has launched his merch line called Time with Tell and has also released his albums.

The teenage star has an impression and inspiration to come into the spotlight and has achieved some of it at a tender age. He has a great future ahead.

King Harris with his family
Famous child rapper, King Harris and his family.

King Harris Career

Born to two musical talents, King inherited music from his parents. However, he had some confusion about pursuing music as his career. But he eventually decided to go for it, and he had his parents to support and encourage him.

His passion and dedication for music have brought him success at an early age. He started singing on stages when he was eleven years old and loved the experience thoroughly. The experience gave him more confidence to dedicate himself to music.

The young rapper rose to fame in 2019 after releasing his debut single. He collaborated with Tajiah Gary and released the Vacation on SoundCloud, which won the heart of his fans. His first release became a success and gave the young rapper more popularity and exposure.

The success of his first single brought him opportunities to work on tours and gave him a wider horizon to expand his musical career. He has been doing tremendously well in music and also on social media. Social media helped him to a great degree to achieve the popularity that he has today.

However, with the rising fame at such a young age comes a responsibility to maintain stardom. King Harris has got himself in such troubles over the past years following many controversies.

His Dad T.I. Net Worth and Wiki

T.I. is a popular name in rap music. The popular American rapper is also an entrepreneur, songwriter, and author.

The native of Atlanta, USA, T.I. is 41 years old. He grew up in his hometown and had a bend towards rap music from his childhood. The famous rapper had started singing when he was eight years old.

T.I. is the name that he adopted to use on stage and became famous with the same. The Instagram star’s real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. The singer’s parents are Clifford Harris Sr. and Violeta Morgan, and they lived in New York City, leaving him with his grandparents in Atlanta, where he grew up.

The singer had so much passion for singing that he dropped out of school to pursue his passion as his career. He started his professional singing career in 1999 after signing a deal with LaFace. He signed another contract with Atlantic in 2003 and produced his label.

After twenty-two years of professional singing career and involvement in many entrepreneurial projects, he has garnered a whopping net worth of $50 million.

King Harris giving poses with his father, T.I
Teenage rapper, King Harris and his father T.I.

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