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Kirk Ferentz Salary, House, Contract, Age, Net Worth 

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An American football coach, Kirk Ferentz

People know Kirk James Ferentz as an American football coach. The person is currently working as head football coach since the 1999 season at the University of Iowa. Ferentz served as a head football coach from 1990 to 1992 at the University of Maine.

Who is Kirk Ferentz? Bio

Kirk Ferentz was born on August 1, 1955. His birthplace is Royal Oak, located in Michigan. Kirk was born to his father, John Ferentz, and mother, Elsie Mae Ferentz. Ferentz grew up with a brother, John Ferentz, and a sister, Julia Conway. For his education, Kirk enrolled in Upper St.Clair High School. Upon graduating, he was admitted in the University of Connecticut.

Ferentz is also a former player. He is presently serving at the University of Iowa as the head football coach since 1999. Ferentz was at the University of Maine as a head football coach from 1990 to 1992. Continuing to mention his identity, Ferentz has further worked with the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns of the NFL as an assistant coach. From 1974 to 1976, he played as a linebacker in college football at the University of Connecticut.

Kirk Ferentz Salary and Net Worth 

 Kirk Ferentz collected approximated net worth of not less than $30 Million. The coach is making an annual salary of $4.5 Million currently. Ferentz stood at number 19 rank in the NCAAF Coaches Salaries list.

He earned $2.7 Million while he served as the head coach of Iowa as his annual salary. Kirk stood in the Big Ten as the highest-paid coach. In college football, he was also ranked third highest of the time. Currently, the former player owns a $1.2 Million worth Mansion in Saddle Club Road located in Iowa City.

Kirk Ferentz House

The head coach resides in a $1.2 Million worth Mansion. The house is in Saddle Club Road, located in Iowa City.

Kirk Ferentz Age and Birthday

The head coach was born on August 1, 1955. As of 2021, his age is 66 years. Kirk celebrates his birthday on August 1 each year.


Ferentz is the head football coach since the 1999 season at the University of Iowa. The former player was the head football coach at the University of Maine from 1990 to 1992. At that time, he held a record of 12–21. Ferentz has also served with the Cleveland Browns and Baltim ore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) in the position of an assistant coach. From 1974 to 1976, Ferentz played as a linebacker in college football at the University of Connecticut. He is counted as the longest-tenured FBS coach since 2017with one program. Ferentz is the all-time wins leader at Iowa as of September 2018.

Kirk Ferentz was a graduate assistant in 1980 on the tutoring staff for a team at the University of Pittsburgh. The team finished the season and held the rank No. 2 scoring a record of 11-1. He served as offensive line mentor from 1981 to 1989 at the University of Iowa. He left Iowa in 1990. Then he joined the head coach position at the University of Maine. Ferentz continued for three seasons. Ferentz became the offensive line coach in 1993 for the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and continued with the franchise when they relocated and turned out to be the Baltimore Ravens. The University of Iowa hired the former player in December 1998. He became the 26th head football coach. He is continuing in this position since 1999.

Kirk Ferentz
The head football coach, Kirk Ferentz

Kirk Ferentz Contract

Talking about the contract, there is an agreement between Kirk and University worth more than $49,500,000. The agreement was done in 2017. The deal carries various incentives. Ferentz can get like $1.5 Million if he carries his team to the National title. Also, he can get $200,000 for appearing Conference Title or $250,000 for the Conference Title.

Kirk Ferentz Wife and Children

Kirk exchanged the vows with Mary Ferentz, the love of his life. He has been unwilling to give the details of when and where the wedding ceremony occurred, but he often speaks about their beginning date. They celebrated their first date on May 5, 1973. They went to watch movies and spend quality time with each other. Their love bloomed ever since.

Mary was next to Ferentz, standing and supporting him when his career was in the shadow. To fulfill their needs, she had productive work in sales and catering when Ferentz was jobless. However, as time passed by, Kirk’s career took a height and landed in a permanent position. Then he took over the responsibility as the head of the family.

Kirk Ferentz and his wife Mary became parents in 1983 as they welcomed their first child, Brian. He followed the path of his dad. Brian serves as a mentor of the New England Patriots. In the early days, he held the position with his father at Iowa as the offensive coordinator. He also held the position of offensive line coach. Continuing to follow the path shown by his dad, he also served college football working as the offensive lineman. Brian was a practice squad player for both the Atlanta Falcons and the New Orlean Saint.

The duo gave birth to James, Joann, Steven, and Kelly. Kelly and Joann are both Iowa graduates. James can be seen playing football for the Denver Broncos. Steven is also a player and working hard to make a career in this field.

Kirk Ferentz with his wife, Mary
An American football coach. Kirk Ferentz with his wife, Mary

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