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Kristina Alice (Ethan Dolan Girlfriend) Age, and Wiki-Bio Facts

Beautiful Kristina Alice smiling in light rays

Kristina Alice is the girlfriend of Ethan Dolan, the better half of the famous YouTube channel The Dolan Twins. Ethan and his twin brother Dolan are someone who you might be familiar with if you follow the most hilarious Youtubers. Their humorous YouTube content might be one reason that keeps their viewers captivated, but another reason is their love lives.

Since one of the twins, Ethan is dating a girl named Kristina Alice, the entire YouTube community and their fans wonder more about the lucky lady. Below are some exclusive facts about Ethan Dolan’s girlfriend that you would definitely not want to miss.

Who Is Kristina Alice?

Besides being known as Ethan Dolan’s girlfriend, Kristina can also be well recognized as a social media influencer. She is an Instagram star who has a massive fan following. Other than that, she has grown her emergence after appearing on a music video for the cup sport “Hawaiian Party,” where we could see her kissing Ethan Dolan. Just so you know, the video was also directed by the Dolan Twins.

Kristina Alice in appealing look
Social media influencer, Kristina Alice.

How Old Is Kristina Alice?

Ethan’s famous girlfriend Kristina Alice is 23 years old as of now as she was born in the year 1997. She’s turning 24 on 30 December, which makes her zodiac sign Capricorn. Furthermore, Kristina was born and bred up in Australia and belongs to the Australian Nationality. Not much is known about her parents and siblings till now.

Kristina Alice and Ethan Dolan Relationship

Youtuber Ethan and Kristina’s relationship status became a concerning matter in the YouTube community after their kissing scene from the Hawaiian Party‘s music video went viral. Their fans wanted to make sure whether the two were actually dating. So in order to address everyone’s concern, Ethan introduced Kristina as his girlfriend in October 2020; however, they had been dating since 2019.

Some sources suggest that the couple first met in 2016 through a mutual friend when Kristina was in the US. Later, after she went back to Australia, they stayed in contact with each other on Snapchat. They spent more time together knowing each other when the Dolan Brothers went on their Australian Tour. Even though they met in 2016, it was not until 2019 when they officially spoke about their relationship.

The couple is doing a long-distance relationship at the moment but still manages to travel back and forth to the US and Australia just to see each other. In fact, Ethan has confirmed that they are quite serious about their relationship.

Ever since the couple is together, they are mushed up in several controversies time and again. However, Kristina and Ethan continue to enjoy their love life. In fact, after the announcement of their relationship, they celebrated their one-year anniversary by going on a lovely beach picnic.

Kristina Alice looking happy with her boyfriend ethan
Instagram star, Kristina Alice and her boyfriend, Ethan Dolan.

Kristina Alice Net Worth

Kristina, being a social media star, has an estimated net worth of around $500,000. The majority of her income source comes from what she posts on her Instagram handle as a paid promotions and advertisements from several sponsors. Furthermore, as her fame has begun to rise after being the girlfriend of a famous Youtuber, Ethan Dolan, her worth has significantly gone up. Moreover, The Dolan twins collectively have a net worth of $5 million from their YouTube career.

Height and Body Measurements

So as to address the concern of Kristina Alice’s height and body measurements, many sources have published that she stands tall at a great height of 5 feet 5 inches. Furthermore, she has perfectly maintained her body weight at 55 kg and looks fit and attractive in her photos.

Social Media Activities

Coming to her social media presence, she seems to be the most present on her Instagram account, having 231k followers. She regularly feeds her followers with her unique content. We can see her enjoying vacations with her girlfriends doing adventurous kinds of stuff. Kristina also quite often posts about her love Ethan Dolan when they reunite. If you want to find and follow her, you can go to this link. Besides, you can also check out Ethan’s Instagram account so that you can get a clearer picture of how much the guy is into her.

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