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Kristina Basham (Scott Adams Wife) Age and Biography

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Scott Adams Wife, Kristina Basham

You may be familiar with Scott Adams, the writer of the Dilbert comic strip. He is also known for numerous other comics and non-fiction works. While many of us are obsessed with his writing skills, some people are also interested to know about his personal life, such as his married life, wife, and kids. Thus, this article is for those who want to know about his wife, Kristina Basham and her biography.

How old is Kristina Basham? Age and Early Life

Born in Walnut Creek, California, Scott Adam’s wife. Kristina is currently 33. To be precise, she was born on July 31, 1988. She is a professional model, musician, and also social media influencer. But keep note that she came into prominence after marrying the writer and cartoonist, Scott Adams. So as for her early life, she spent her entire childhood in her hometown, Walnut Creek. Her loving parents raised her; father, Valmor Bagala, and her mother, Posthauer-Olry. Her father belonged of Italian descent, while her mother came from German heritage, which means she has a mixed descent.

Moreover, her father is a musician, while her mother is a worker at Kemper Sports, but they’re already divorced. She grew up with her childhood companion brother named Scotty and sister named Valerie.

Furthermore, Kristina was fond of music early, probably because it was in her DNA. Hence, she started playing piano and violin at her elementary school. Along with that, she also learned dancing and singing. For her further education, she attended a local high school in her birthplace. Later, she pursued her financial economics degree in 2010 from the University of California, Berkeley. Also, she mastered it in the same University in the year 2012.

Kristina Basham is currently married to Scott Adams.

Well, about the couple, we have many things to write. Kristina and Scott met each other in 2014 when Kris was just coming out of her previous marriage. They began dating in 2016, but if you wonder where they met, we’re sorry we have no information about that. When asked about their first meeting in one of the interviews, Kris said,

“I don’t talk about where we met. People make judgments.”

Also, they dated for three entire years and knew each other closely before taking further steps in their romantic life.

Hence, after three years, the writer proposed to his girl in December 2019 on a Livestream. Later he announced the proposal via Twitter on December 29. He tried proposing to her with a sweet gesture as he put the ring in a chocolate box. The couple finally wedded on July 11, 2020, but other details regarding their marriage remain concealed.

Kristina Basham with her current husband, Scott

Professional model Kristina Basham with her current husband, Scott

Kristina Basham previous marriage and Kids

The social media star Kristina was married to Chad Basham before marrying Scott. He is a native of Modesto, California. The duo reportedly married in 2010, but their marriage just lasted till 2014. The former couple even shares two children named Hazel and Marin. The reason behind their separation is still a hot topic, but the former couple prefers not to mention it.

Kristina Basham Career

So far as we’re concerned about her career, Kristina is best known for being a model. She embarked on her modeling career at the age of eleven, which explains her passion for modeling. She has worked for popular brands like Macy’s, Tom Ford, Disney, Nissan, and Tommy Hilfiger and walked in different ramps, seen in her Instagram account.

Now, jumping on to her next career as a businesswoman, she owns a bakery shop in San Francisco and generated a generous amount from it. Besides, he is also the vice-president of her husband’s company named WhenHub. Also, her social media account, Instagram, has more than 3.8 million followers, and her prominence as an Instagram influencer is rising day by day.

Net Worth

As Kristina doesn’t have a great career like her husband Scott, she has just accumulated the worth of $3 million. All of her income comes from her modeling work, bakery shop, and social media prominence. On the other hand, Scott has more than $75 million of net worth.

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