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 Lahmard Tate Age, Net Worth and Wiki 

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Images of an American actor, Lahmard Tate

We all have heard about the successful actor, but only a few of us know about their success story. Do you know about the American actor Lahmard Tate? Lahmard Tate is an American actor who started rolling at a very young age. It’s not only him, but his sibling brothers are also equally active in Hollywood.

Let us get to the article about his entire life.

 Lahmard Tate Age and Birthday

Lahmard Tate, born as Lahmard J. Tate, celebrates her birthday on January 7 every year. Tate was born in Chicago in 1970. As of 2021, he is 51 years old.

Net Worth

5 feet 6 inches tall actor has an estimated wealth of $19 Million. 1970 born Tate is Professionally Writer, Actor, and producer.

Lahmard Tate Siblings

Larron Tate is the brother of Lahmard Tate. Larron is professionally a producer. He has 25 years of experience. His works before and behind the camera are always loved. Larron started his walk of life as an actor at UCLA. Larron Tate got a degree in film, theatre, and television. After graduating, he continued his career working as an actor and as a writer. Larron got a chance to write a program in Fox Diversity of the 20th Century. He wrote the Television show Best “Damn Sports.” Later on, in Larron’s career, he started writing in television for Warner Brothers Studio and Universal Studios in a movie.

With brothers Lahmard Tate and Larenz Tate, Larron started Tate Men Entertainment, a rising multi-media company that commits to bring quality television shows, content for film and digital platforms. While Larron had experience and knowledge in every film line, he worked as a leading producer. Larron projects include Deuces, Business Ethics, Beta Test. He also gave the audio series Bronzeville.

Lahmard Tate smiling with his siblings
The American actor Lahmard Tate and his brothers, Larenz Tate and Larron Tate

Larenz Tate 

Larenz Tate is an American model and actor. Laeanz got down to the career in his acting in 1985. He gained popularity after he appeared in “Menace To Society” a drama film as O-Dog, in the1990. Since then, Larenz has been a part of series and multiple television films, including

“Girls Trip,””Biker Boyz,” “Rescue Me,” “Crash,” and “Power.” Larenz is among the most successful actors in Hollywood. He has spent three decades starring in various Television series and films. Mostly, he was successful in dramas and comedies. After 2000, Lorentz itself was a powerful name in the film industry.

Recently, Lorentz appeared in the Drama crime series “Power.” In the upcoming seasons, he is expected to appear as the guest performer in the show. Besides series, in 2020, He is rolling in a film whose name has not been revealed yet.

Lahmard Tate Career 

The Hollywood actor Lahmard Tate started his acting career at a very young age Lahmard with his brothers Larenz and Larron Tate, joined art school when his family moved to Los Angles from Chicago.

Lahmard gets into an acting career in 1987. At the moment, Lahmard was 17 years only. He featured in “Hill Street Blues.” The series was running since 1981, and he got a chance to appear only in the final year of the season. In the late same year 1987, Lahmard rolled as a black child in the film Barfly. Lahmard successfully achieved 2 credits for acting in the debut year. As of 2020, excluding those 2 acting credits, Lahmard has been awarded 35 more acting credits.

Besides working in the larger acting projects including Barbershop (2002), Moesha (2000/2001), Sabretooth (2002), Method & Red (2004), and All American (2019/2020), Tate has also designated voice to some of the characters of a videogame. Lahmard’s voice can be listened to in the video game Crysis as a Jester. Additionally, he has given his voice in the video game Spider-Man Three in the year 2007. Lahmard had the fate of operating his work in the entertainment industry along with his two brothers in his career.

Lahmard has served as a producer and as a director in various projects with his brothers. In 2019, The three brothers produced the movie Back to the Goode Life, in the movie Lahmard featured portraying Cordell.

Lahmard Tate Relationship and Kids

Hollywood’s actor Lahmard is unmarried but has gone through several relationships. In 2005, Lahmard was seen out around with beautiful American actress and model Lark Voorhies. The couple ended their relationship within a short time.

After break up with Lark in 2006, Lahmard was in a loving relationship with Eva. His second relationship also did not go well for a long. Within a year, Eva put a proclamation over Lahmard, stating that Tate was cheating her and was in a secret relationship with Brandy Norwood, a singer. With Brandy becoming a local guy, he stayed for quite a long time than other relations.

Although he has been through several relationships, he is a bachelor to date. Lahmard is blessed with a daughter, Aujahlae Larai. The mother of Aujahlae is not revealed yet. He is also a father of a son, and the details of his son are not disclosed.

Lahmard Tate with his brothers and a lovely daughter
Lahmard Tate and his brothers and daughter, Aujahlae Lara

Social Media Activities 

Lahmard shows his presence on Instagram through his account “LahmardTate” where he has 85.5k followers and posts pictures of his career and lifestyle. On Twitter, Lahmard is followed by around 384k followers. 

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