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What is Laurie Money [Eddie Money’s wife] Doing Now?

Image of an American model and actress, Laurie Dee Harris

Laurie Money is an American model, actress, and producer who was married to American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, Eddie Money. Her real name is Laurie Dee Harris. Facts about late singer Eddie Money’s wife Laurie.

Born in 1950 in America, she rose to fame from hit songs like Eddie Money: Heaven in the Back Seat and Real Money. She grew up in California along with her siblings. She has also worked as a producer along with her husband, Eddie Money in several projects.

During her career she has participated in beauty contests; done modeling for various brands; worked as an actress, and produced movies. She has been famous not only as a model and an actress but also as the wife of the talented and star singer Eddie Money.

It is not clear what Laurie has been doing after her husband died. She is 71 years old now and lives quite an independent life.

Laurie Money was married to Late Eddie Money From 1989 to 2019. 

Laurie Money and Eddie Money got married in 1989. Eddie was already a celebrity from his hit songs of the 70s. The two met at an interview in 1985. Laurie was working as a model back then. It is said that she inspired him to be sober.

They started dating after their first meeting at the interview and got married after four years of relationship.

Their marriage was a successful one. The couple lived together as husband and wife until Eddie passed away in 2019.

It was Eddie’s second marriage. He was married to Margo Lee Walker before Laurie. The singer’s first marriage was a secret, to some extent, but it became public as some of the fans found it out. It is not clear what happened to his first wife.


After Eddie married Laurie, their union brought five children to this world. The children, four sons and a daughter of the couple, are named Zachary, Jessica, Joseph, Julian, and Desmond. Their daughter, Jessica, and son, Desmond, are upcoming singers.

Image of renowned artist, Laurie Dee Harris
A well-known personality of Eddie Money: Heaven in the Back Seat and Real Money, Laurie Dee Harris with her husband, Eddie Money

The couple lived 30 years of happy married life together. They had renewed their vows three months before Eddie passed away.

Laurie Money has managed a great financial situation. Apart from that, she is also enjoying the net worth of her late husband.

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