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Lil Loaded Net Worth

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Image of young rapper, Lil Loaded

Lil Loaded is an African-American rapper. His official name is Dashawn Maurice Robertson. He is presently 20 years old and was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas. The name ‘Lil Loaded’ came from the fact that Lil used to carry a loaded pistol in his backpack whenever he was on the basketball court or football pitch.

The rapper was charged with Manslaughter after he accidentally shot his best friend Khalil Walker on the torso. Although he drove him to the hospital, Walker succumbed to his injuries. Loaded was arrested and released on a $75,000 bound. Uncover more facts about his net worth and finances right here.

Lil Loaded Net worth and Income

As of 2021, Lil Loaded’s net worth is $350,000. A significant portion of his wealth is linked to his musical exploits. His song ‘6locc 6a6y’¬†went viral and ended up getting 30,000,000 streams on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. Moreover, he has a monetized YouTube channel with 930,000 subscribers.

‘6locc 6a6y’ has 24,000,000 views on YouTube. Loaded has a website where he sells his Merchandise, T-shirts, and Artwork. His website prices can go for as low as $34.26 and as high as $124.64. Other revenue streams come from festivals, tours, and his Record deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

Image of youngster artists, Lil Loaded and NLE Choppa

Rapper Lil Loaded with NLE Choppa.

A video on YouTube can earn $2000 for every one million views, after which YouTube takes its cut of 45%. From the sixteen videos he has uploaded on YouTube, Lil Loaded has an average of 7,018,750 views. Additionally, he also makes a good amount of money from concerts.

According to various sources, artists earn anything starting from $200,000 to $400,000 for every show. It is widely reported that Lil Loaded takes home approximately $15,000 per show.

For festival appearances, he can earn as much as $600,000. We should also take tour Sponsorships into account when talking about his net worth. Research shows that most artists can make about $100,000 for every tour they embark on and a further $50,000 from Music Video Sponsorship.

Another source of income may stem from endorsement deals. In this case, Lil Loaded reportedly brings in anywhere between $5,000 to $100,000 depending on the brand in question.

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