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Lil Tay Net Worth 2021.

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Image of American-Canadian rapper, Lil Tay

Lil Tay is an American- Canadian rapper and Social Media personality. She was born on 29th July 2009 in Claire Eileen Qi Hope. However, because of her social media fame, this 12-year-old girl is not like any other youngster. Two years back, Tay became popular overnight after posting an Instagram video, after which she probably earns more than some of them in their twenties.

Tay made videos uttering profane words and throwing cash around. Lil was over the moon when her provocative videos went viral, and she even invented the title “Youngest Flexer of the Century.”

In the process, she moved from Canada to Los Angeles with her elder brother Jason Tian and Angela Tian, her mother, who worked as a realtor. Get to know more about Lil Tay’s net worth and income right here.

Net worth and Income Sources

Besides flexing about her lifestyle, Lil is also a musician and has earned a lot of her fortune through her music videos. Her debut song ‘Money Way,’ has over 266,000 views on her YouTube account. With all of her professional accomplishments to date, the little girl has earned a net worth of $500,000.

Moreover, she has 207,000 subscribers on YouTube, where she gets most of her earnings. Her Instagram page has a total of 1.7 followers, although her social media platforms were closed for some time during her parent’s custody battle.


It is not easy to verify if everything Lil Tay showed on her social media pages belonged to her. For example, Tay created content showing that she owned a couple of mansions, drove luxurious cars like Lamborghini and BMW, even though she didn’t have a driving license.

Her feet couldn’t even reach the car peddles. Tay is known for wearing high-end labels and jewelry, and she was even seen wearing a jacket with a price tag attached. So was it an honest blunder or a Publicity stunt? It’s for you to decide.

Later, it was discovered that the five mansions she claimed to own were the houses her mother was trying to sell as a realtor. Likewise, the cars she was shooting videos in belonged to her mother’s clients.

Lil Tay’s mom had to step down when her bosses discovered that she was the one shooting the videos of her daughter flexing on property that didn’t belong to her all in the name of creating content.

Image of young rapper, Lil Tay
“Money Way” American- Canadian rapper, Lil Tay

Another controversial claim Lil Tay made was that she lived in an impoverished situation in Atlanta, Georgia. She also said that she worked very hard and moved to California, Los Angeles. In her single ‘Money Way,’ she said she owned a chopper and kept diamonds.

Lil Tay is currently under his father, Christopher John Hope’s custody in Vancouver, Canada. However, her father disagreed with the kind of content she created at a young age when she was under her mother’s custody.

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