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Linda Stokes (James Caan Ex-wife) Age and Biography

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James Caan Ex-wife, Linda Stokes

You might be familiar with the household name James Edmund Cann. He is a globally recognized American actor and director and is one of the oldest actors in Hollywood. He has constantly been active in this career for sixty years. While he has been honored and acknowledged worldwide, his ex-wife Linda Stokes is comparatively less known to the world. She has her own career as an actress and costume designer, but her career is overshadowed by her husband’s achievements. Hence, let’s put the limelight on Linda today, and explore her age and biography.

Linda Stokes Age and Bio

Linda Stokes is an actress who has been long-lost from the Hollywood world. But she is still known widely as the ex-wife of James Cann and also a costume designer. The former actress has not yet revealed her age, however, her ex-husband James Edmund Cann is currently 81 years of age. So we assume she might be in her early 70s.

Also, nothing about her parents is known as she came into the spotlight after marrying the star. Hence, she prefers to maintain her early life details such as childhood, educational background out of the media. According to Linda’s IMDb, she is known as an actress for The Fields.

Married Life and Divorce with James Caan

Linda and James first started dating each other around 1994 and took 1 year 9 months to know each other better. The actor had just been through a separation with his previous wife Ingrid Hajek, when he met the costume designer. We assume they met each other during their work as they belong to the same field. So, after dating for a year, the duo read their wedding vows on October 7, 1995.

Linda Stokes with her Ex-husband, James Cann
Linda Stokes with her Ex-husband, James Cann

Although the couple proved to be one of the long-lasting duos in Hollywood, they parted their ways in January 2015 after two decades of a marital relationship. James Cann filed for divorce from Linda, due to incompatible differences. They had a lengthy process of separation; hence, their divorce was finally official in 2017. The couple altogether remained together as romantic couples from 1994 to 2015, which makes it 21 years.

Linda Stokes children with James Caan

With their two decades of conjugal life, the couple gave birth to two adorable sons. They gave birth to their first child, James Arthur Cann Jr. on November 6, 1995, who is now 26. Later, they welcomed their second son, Jacob Nicholas, on September 24, 1998, and he is currently 23 years old.

It is unknown what his son James Arthur is up to now, but he has made several appearances with his father at Hollywood and red carpet events. Furthermore, Jacob also made some public appearances with his father and in February 2020, he was seen making a rare appearance with his father, where he has pushed his father in a wheelchair. Other than that, nothing much is known except the fact that both of their sons are now adults and pursuing their studies and career.

Linda Stokes with her Ex-husband, James Cann and children
Linda Stokes with her Ex-husband, James Cann, and children, James Arthur Cann Jr., and Jacob Nicholas

Ex-husband James Cann was previously married to Thrice

The popular actor and director James Edmund Cann has been married and divorced four times in his life. Now listing out his four ex-spouses, he first married Dee Jay Mathis in 1961. They even welcomed their first daughter Tara Cann in 1964. However, they couldn’t save their relationship for more than four years and divorced when their daughter was just 2 years old.

Later, James married his second wife named Sheila Marie Ryan in 1976, after 10 years of his divorce from his first wife. The couple was happily in love and gave birth to their son, Scott Andrew Cann on August 23, 1976. Just so you know, Scott is now an actor and director, just like his father, who is known to have appeared in the TV series ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ However, James also divorced his second wife Sheila in 1977.

Furthermore, he married his third wife Ingrid Hajek in September 1990. The former couple shares a son named Alexander James Cann, who was born in 1991. But the actor parted ways with his third wife after four years of togetherness and divorced in 1995. Finally, he married his fourth wife Linda Stokes in 1995 and remained with her for the longest time i.e. 21 years. Nevertheless, he is together with none of his wives now.

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