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Lori Lightfoot’s Wife, Amy Eshleman Wikipedia, Height

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Image of the wife of Lori Lightfoot, Amy Eshleman

Amy Eshleman is the wife of Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor of Chicago. Eshleman was born in Sterling, Illinois, and later on, moved to Chicago in the 90s. The lesbian couple is living a happy life together after they got married in 2014. They have an adopted daughter, Vivian. Amy has dedicated her full time to raise Vivian while Lori is busy working as the Mayor. What are his height and weight measurements?

Let’s explore a little more about Amy Eshleman, her partner, and her daughter.

Lori Lightfoot and Wife like Partner Amy Eshleman’s Love Life

Lori Lightfoot is the first openly lesbian woman of African-American ethnicity to become the Mayor of a major city in America. She had been elected the Mayor of Chicago in 2019, and she has been successfully holding the post since then.

Lori’s wife, Amy Eshleman, worked for the Chicago Public Library before they got married. Amy is a full-time mom for their daughter.

Although it is unclear about the couple’s dating relationship, they tied the knot in 2014. Same-sex marriage was illegal in Chicago until then. So, we can assume that they must have stayed in a long-time relationship.

Lori has admitted on several instances that she could not be open about her sexuality and that marriage like theirs was illegal.

Image of the wife of Lori Lightfoot, Amy Eshleman
Renowned Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her wife, Amy Eshleman

Since 2014, the couple has been living a married life happily and raising a 13-year-old adopted daughter together. The couple also walked hand-in-hand at the 49th Annual Parade in Chicago.

There have been some rumors about their relationship that Lori was cheating on Amy. But these are all groundless rumors. The lesbian couple has been living a life that can be an example for many who have been into a same-sex marriage.

Amy Eshleman has a Daughter named Vivian Lightfoot.

Amy Eshleman is enjoying the full-time motherhood of their daughter. The couple adopted Vivian as their daughter. It is not clear how old Vivian was when she was adopted, but she is a happy daughter of the couple now.

Vivian Lightfoot was born in the USA in 2008, but the actual date is unknown. The detail of her biological parents is also unknown. She is in school now and also training to be an athlete. Vivian stands tall and fit for a 13-year old girl.

Most of her information is unavailable since she is still a young girl of 13. But Lori has mentioned that the 13-year old girl loves TikTok. She was trying hard to get her and Amy into TikTok videos, but that hadn’t happened for long.

But, the Mayor decided to upload a video of her dancing in TikTok that took the social media on rage. However, when her daughter Vivian Lightfoot learned about her TikTok video, she did not like it at all. She was unhappy with her as she did not do the TikTok with her but with someone else.

Image of the wife of Lori Lightfoot, Amy Eshleman and daughter
The wife of renowned Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Amy Eshleman, and their daughter, Amy

Height and Body Measurements

Amy has an impressive height for a lady. The First Lady of Chicago stands six feet tall with a strong physique. She loves to keep short hair. With such staggering height and physique, she bears an attractive personality.

Her partner, Lori, the Mayor of Chicago, looks pretty short in front of her. The two make a stunning couple. Amy is the first-ever Lady Premier of a major city in America. She took on to the position after her partner held the post of Mayor.

Both of them impacted the world through their relationship. They are a living example that there is a future for everyone. While their outer looks may be of no match with each other, they have lived a happy life together.


Although there is no information about Amy on Wikipedia, we are going to talk about her education and career in brief.

She grew up in Sterling, Illinois, where she must have completed her schooling. There is not much information available on her early school days. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University with History as a major. Later on, she moved to Chicago, where she worked as an administrator in the Chicago Public Library, where she spent 20 years of her working career.

After adopting Vivian, Amy has been a dedicated mother spending time looking after their daughter.

Did Lori cheat on her Wife, Amy Eshleman?

In their dedicated love life, they have recently faced a scandalous rumor about the Mayor cheating on her wife. It is a hot rumor in social media in Chicago recently.

Although their life has been clear of anything that gets them into a scandal, this recent rumor about Lori seems to affect them. The scandalous rumors have spread over Twitter that the mayor is going to resign on moral grounds.

A Chicago civil rights advocate, Ja’Mal Green, tweeted on the matter, saying,

“Lori Lightfoot is resigning tomorrow in a stunning end to her mayorship. WOW.”

He deleted the tweet right after.

This recent scandal has set social media ablaze, and several speculations have been made. People have taken on to social media commenting on the rumor that the Mayor is resigning. They have expressed their surprise in disbelief at the rumors of resignation.

While social media is having a hot debate and speculation on the resignation, the Mayor has taken out a statement on Twitter saying that she has no intention to resign.

In a five-part Twitter thread, she has called the rumors ‘trash,’ and she will continue to lead.

Here is her full statement on the rumors that she has written on her Twitter.

“Good morning from my mansion in Sauganash. Seriously, though—our city doesn’t have any time for homophobic, racist, and misogynistic rumors, today or any day. It’s shocking and disappointing to see some media members and verified Twitter handles are peddling this trash as truth. If people hadn’t noticed, we have major challenges in Chicago we need to address TOGETHER.

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