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Lorna Wells (Tauren Wells Wife) Age, Wedding, and Biography

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Lorna Wells With her husband, Tauren

Tauren Wells, a very successful American music artist, has been hitched to Lorna Wells for a long time. We have seen him walking with a beautiful blonde in different parties and award shows. But do we really know who Lorna Wells is? Let’s find out.

Who Is Lorna Wells? Biography and Family

Tauren’s wife, Lorna, is also a singer. She sings along with her husband on the same stage. However, she works as a prayer in a Church. Lorna is also a blogger who writes about her life and God on the internet.

Born to Caucasian ethnicity, Lorna is the beloved daughter of Ronald Macey and Jeanna Macey. As a child, she grew up in Texas. Lorna visited the Royalwood Church Houston in her hometown, where her father worked as a senior pastor. From such a father, Lorna grew up with catholic teaching. She leads a very fulfilling life in a close relationship with God. She went to a local high school in Houston.

Growing up, Lorna was close to her brother Brandon Macey, the youngest in the family. Brandon often helps his father, who now works as a connections Director in the same church. This very talented graduate from Life Christian Academy graduate is a Vice President at A1 Mortgage. He has been involved in Growth and Development as well as in the Digital Marketing department.

How Old Is Lorna Wells? Age and Birthday

Laura was born on October 23 in the year 1985. Currently, Wells is 35 years of age.

Wedding and Married Life With Her Husband, Tauren Wells

Tauren and Lorna Wells met a long time before announcing their relationship to the world in February 2020. Since Lorna and Tauren both share the same devotion to God, they instantly hit it off when they first met. But, as Tauren was always out traveling for work, he didn’t want to settle. On the other hand, Lorna always knew that she wanted to be his wife. So, Lorna said that she “didn’t want normal.”

The marriage ceremony of Lorna and Turen was held on January 21, 2011. The wedding was only attended by a few close friends and family members. However, Tauren has to go for a 5-week tour right after the marriage. It was the longest time Tauren didn’t see his wife. So he tried his best to be home with the family.

Despite Lorna’s understanding of Tauren’s work, the path of married life was never easy for them. There were times when Tauren would go on a music tour for weeks at a time, leaving Lorna home alone to look after their children. Such conditions brought the marriage on a difficult path. The argument would get worst, but they didn’t give on the “Love.” Instead, they fought until their relationship was fixed.

On February 26, 2020, Tauren shared a post where he wrote that his song ‘Love’s Worth the Fight actually comes from his own life. Even now, Tauren’s not always home. But Lorna had accepted this fact, and their marriage is going quite well.

Lorna Wells in red dress with her husband tauren
Singer Lorna Wells and her husband, Tauren Wells.

Lorna Wells Kids

Lorna and Tauren have four kids together. Their first son Kanaan was born two years after the marriage on April 30. Lawson was born a few years later. The 3rd kid Navy Elliott Wells was born on 2017 December 23. The youngest banner, Paul, was recently born on April 12, 2021.

Both Lorna and Tauren’s Instagram wall is filled with the picture of their kids. The family is always dancing and singing around their houses. Three of the boys go to the school while Lorna looks after Kanaan. The family seems to be quite happy.

Lorna Wells looking happy with her husband and children
Singer, Lorna Wells with her husband, Toran Wells, and children.

Lorna Wells Husband Tauren Wells

Tauren Gabriel Wells is known as the face of the pop-rock band, Royal Tailor. This, two times Grammy nominator, musician founded Royal Tailor with his friends DJ Cox and Blake Hubbard. Their first album, Black & White, got on Billboard 200 and near the US Independent Albums.

Another hit, Ready Set Go, from 2013, again made the band famous. But the team separated in 2015, and Tauren started his solo carrier. In addition, the couple has started Prisma Worship Arts School that teaches music to young children in the Houston area.

Tauren Well looking handsome in black outfit
American music artist, Tauren Wells.

Lorna Wells Career

Lorna Wells works as a worshipper for Lakewood Church. She is also a singer who performs some shows with her husband. However, Lorna uses most of her time at home looking after the kids who are still very young.

Social Media Activities

Lorna’s Instagram account with the name @lornabrittany is very active. She has over 2600 posts on her Instagram alone. Lorna never falls back to update her 33.9k followers about her life. Her Facebook account is also very active.

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