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Louise Newbury: Age and Facts About Bill Paxton Wife

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Bill Paxton Wife, Louise Newburry

Bill Paxton is not a new name in the movie industry for all the movie lovers out there, and so is Louise Newbury. Newbury is also recognized as the widowed wife of the famous late Hollywood actor Bill Paxton. This article focuses on the detailed life of Louise Newbury. Also, read about her age and net worth in this article.

Louise Newbury Age, Birthday and Early Life

Martini Ranch: Reach’s actress Louise Newbury was the wife of famed Hollywood actor, Bill Paxton who happened to pass away in 2017. There is very little information about Newbury on the internet. Hence, her Wikipedia page does not exist.

Louise Newbury has not revealed her birth date anywhere on the media. Hence, her exact age is difficult to crack. However, looking at her pictures, we assume that the actress must be in her late 40s.

Similarly, Newbury has kept the identity of her parents quite private. The internet lacks details about her parents. However, we can tell you that her father is no more alive. Newbury’s husband, Paxton, had once claimed that the two were together at the time when her father passed away.

“I was with her when her father died. Then we mixed our blood watching these two kids grow up.”

Newbury holds a British Nationality.

Not much is known about her career, except she played in a few movies and short videos in the last decade. Some of her credits include Martini Ranch: Reach, Frailty, and Traveller. Her prominence only rose after she married Bill Paxton. She supported her husband in any way she could.

Louise Newbury is Married to a Husband, Bill Paxton

Bill and Louise Newbury married in the May of 1987. The couple was married for three decades. This is something rare that we get to see with Hollywood couples. The couple would have seen better days in the future had Bill lived longer. Bill died in 2017 following his health complications.

Louise Newbury met Bill when she was only 17 years of age. Newbury knew, then, that Bill was struggling with his career. Louise, herself, was a student. The two were traveling on a bus in London when they first met.

Paxton often talked about his wife in interviews and other shows. This indicated how much he loved his beloved wife.

While Bill talked a lot about his wife, she rarely stayed under the spotlight. She used to appear only on the red carpet with her husband. However, the duo had a beautiful romance from the very first day.

Louise Newburry with her husband, Bill Paxton

An actress, Louise Newbury with her husband, Bill Paxton

Louise Newbury Children

Weird Science actor Bill Paxton left his wife with their two children. The beautiful pair has two children.

They welcomed their son James Paxton on February 23, 1994. Likewise, their daughter Lydia Paxton saw her first daylight on December 19, 1997.

Son James Paxton

The 27-years-old James Paxton is an actor by profession. James was born in Ojai, California, and grew up in the same place. Following his father’s acting path, James co-starred in Eyewitness. It is an American Network drama series. Likewise, he has also played some music videos, such as Matt Maeson’s Beggar’s Song. Furthermore, James also got a chance to appear in his father’s Texas Rising. However, the two did not have a single scene together.

Louise Newburry with her husband and children

An actress, Louise Newbury with her husband, Bill Paxton, and children

Daughter Lydia Paxton

Lydia Paxton is 23 years of age as of 2021. She is a pass out of Duke University in 2020. Bill Paxton once explained her daughter as flamboyant and dramatic, which she might have inherited from her mother. Her parents did not ever force her to be an actress.

Lydia’s Instagram handles explain that she loves traveling and spending time with her friends. Currently, she has a boyfriend named Ian Handler.

Louise Newbury was Previously Married to Kelly Rowan

You’d be surprised to know that Louise Newbury was Bill’s second wife. Let us tell you that Bill was first married to a woman named Kelly Rowan. Bill and Kelly became one in October 1979. However, they divorced after a year in 1980. Some sources report that Rowan is The OC actress. Indeed, this news is not true.

Bill did not share any children with his first wife.

Husband Bill Paxton

Texas-born Bill Paxton was a celebrated American actor who appeared in movies like Weird Science, Near Dark, Aliens, True Lies, Titanic, and many more. Furthermore, he also appeared in Big Love. It was a drama series that premiered in HBO.

With his extraordinary performance, Bill was able to grab many awards such as USA Film Festival Award, Saturn Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Apart from being an actor, Bill was also a writer. Moreover, he produced and directed movies as well. He was a musician too.

In 2017, Paxton revealed to his fans that one of his heart’s valves was damaged. This was the result of a rheumatic fever that he caught at the age of 13. To repair the valve, Bill went through surgery on February 14, 2017. It was no sooner, after 11 days, on February 25, 2017, Bill Paxton died due to a stroke. Paxton was 61 then.

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