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Lucian Buscemi (Steve Buscemi Son) Age, Net Worth

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Image of Lucian Buscemi in cap

Lucian Buscemi has notably wonderful parents who have ruled the movie industry for a long time. His father, Steve Buscemi, is a golden globe-winning actor with many excellent films to brag about. At the same time, his son is into music and is a frontman of the punk band, Fiasco.

Browse down to find out more about this musician, his other careers, and the details of his popular mother.

Who is Lucian Buscemi? Biography

The son of the familiar man in the Hollywood industry is a mind-blowing performer, especially in rock music. Even after being related to a powerful movie mafia, this handsome young man chose completely new career goals. He is a lead vocalist and the creator of the band, Fiasco. Unlike his dad, Lucian is not interested in movies; instead prefers expressing himself through his songs.

Although, his gens pulled him to becoming an actor in his earlier stage from the movie, Tree Lounges. However, that’s not his number 1 priority, and he still is working on his music.

Lucian Buscemi Age

Lucian Buscemi was born into a Roman Catholic home with a slight touch of white ethnicity. He is fortunate enough to be grown in a house surrounded by a bunch of creative members. Both his parents are involved in the entertainment business and are part of it for a long time.

Sadly, his mother, the well-known director Jo Andres has passed away at the age of 64. Meanwhile, his famous father, Steve, is nowhere to retire any time soon and is giving brilliant work. Accordingly, the little Buscemi jr was first welcomed to this planet on 30th June 1990. He is currently 31 years of age.

In addition, along with grandparents Dorothy Wilson and John Buscemi, the privileged kid, lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, before his stardom. From an early age, the future musician was fond of the rock bands like The Clash and The Ramones, which inspired him to follow in their footsteps later in his life. Likewise, he formed a band with his mates after learning to play multiple instruments.

Lucian Buscemi Net Worth

The person in the glamorous field world earns a lot when making a name for themselves. Similarly, this rising fame is not just a prominent rock group member hence has worked in few movies. From all these right career choices, he has made a vast sum of money.

Additionally, his mom has left him enormous assets, which he indeed will inherit someday. Likewise, his father is a big shot, too, so one day, he shall pass it to his beloved only child. As of now, the Net Worth of Lucian Buscemi is around $20 million.

Lucian Buscemi looking handsome in black outfit
Lucian Buscemi, Son of Golden globe-winning actor, Steve Buscemi.

Lucian Buscemi Career

As an offspring of two Broadway celebrities, Lucian has a background of having it more accessible than most ordinary youth. However, his first job as an actor must have been possible because of his strong relations. Yet, after his debut film, Trees Lounge, it is all from his tremendous skills. Likewise, later in 2007, he landed a huge opportunity to showcase his musical artistry in the movie, Interview by composing the soundtracks.

Furthermore, this genius has collaborated with prominent directors in the movies like 4:44, Last Day on the Earth,  and Sal. If we talk about his music journey, he, with the help of his friends, Julian Bennett and Jonathan Edelstein, formed their band at the age of 16.

Their album, God Loves, hit the margin of success, and the songs spread all across the world. After gaining a lot of appreciation, they came up with other albums such as Native Canadians, Fabolous Bozo FP, and Sinus Rhythm Breakdown. The crew was constantly releasing their albums until 2012, and now it’s gradually significantly less. Hopefully, they will have a vast come back soon.

 Lucian Buscemi Parents: Steven Buscemi and Jo Andres

The famous parents of Lucian Buscemi are no secret when it comes to the limelight. His late mother, Jo Andres, was a multitalented woman in media with three important jobs in her shoes. She was an artist and a director of small production movies like Black Kites. Besides that, the astonishing actress loved the art of dancing and was a mentor at Wooster groups. As per her assets, her net worth is about $1.5 million.

Simultaneously, the single dad has numerous awards, including the prestigious Golden Globe and SAG. He has given great movies like Reservoir Dogs, Hotel Transylvania 4, and The Spy Kids. Still, all these times, this compelling actor has much more to offer. According to the outlets, the net worth of Mr. Steven is $35 million.

Steve Buscemi and Jo Andres Married Life

 It is one of the most devasting feelings when the love of your life leaves you behind all alone. The same happened to Steve Buscemi when he lost his precious wife after 35 years of togetherness. In 1983, the pair met as neighbors in New York. Later Andres fell head over heels for him while the unknown future husband too had warmth towards her. Finally, after many unplanned conscious visits, they went on a date.

The pair were a soulmate and indeed was destined to be with each other. Likewise, Jo was crushing over him before even knowing each other by looking at his posters. In 1987, the lovebirds married and lived happily until the sad demise of the warrior who had cancer.

Parents of Lucian Buscemi
Golden globe-winning actor, Steve Buscemi and his wife, Jo Andres.

Height and Weight

Lucian is a pretty-looking man with genetic features of an attractive family. As a young man in the show business, he is very much in demand. The tall and handsome guy weighs 65 kg and stands 5 feet and 9 inches.

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