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Madeline Cuomo Age, Husband and Wiki

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Images of a lawyer, Madeline Cuomo

For children, the environment in which they grow up is extremely important. Even studies show that a child’s professional route can be affected by the environment he is exposed to at home. If the atmosphere is intellectual, the children will choose their pathway in that field on their own; if the family’s environment is more athletic, the kid will be more likely to become a sportsperson in the future.

Madeline Cuomo is the fine representation of the given context. She was raised in an atmosphere where helping the nation and its people was a part of the family’s everyday talk. She was born into the renowned Cuomo family. As a result, Madeline was inspired to pursue her career as an attorney, and she is now well-known for her work. Here, we’ve included more information about the famous attorney, such as her age, her husband, and other wiki details.

Who is Madeline Cuomo? Early life

Known famously as a member of the Cuomo family, Madeline herself has established a career in the field of law. Like, other Cuomo members, she is not involved in politics. However, inspired by the long family history of serving the nation, Madeline has also been serving the United States as an attorney. She specialties in the matrimonial issues of law and has dealt with multiple divorce, marriage, and custody issues.

While many were hoping that she would sooner or later enter politics like many of her family members, she has made no moves towards politics until now, and we do think she will ever enter politics as she is content with her accomplished legal profession.

How old is Madeline Cuomo? Age

Mrs. Cuomo is currently 57 years old, born in 1967 in New York City. Her exact birthday is unknown; however, it is known that she was born and raised in a big family. Furthermore, she endures Italian descent as her grandparents emigrated from Italy during the 1920s.

Who is Madeline Cuomo’s husband? 

Brian John O’Donoghue is the name of Madeline’s husband. The couple has a very sweet love story. They first met at St. Francis School during their high school days and began dating soon after. They remained in a romantic relationship for several years before they got married on the 12th of June in the year 1993. The wedding took place in Immaculate Conception in Albany in the presence of their family members only.

When questioned about having friends at their wedding, Brian as a groom said that,

“My family is my Friends.”

Knowing this, we must conclude that the couple was meant to remain together for the rest of their lives. Moreover, Madeline’s husband Brian is a former firefighter, and he also worked as a lifeguard in Long Island. Not only that, but he also studied law like his wife, but we are not sure if he pursued his career in the field. Both the pair love helping needy people, and it is even said that they spent some portion of their wedding money on charity.

Speaking more, the lovely couple must have children together. But, as both of them have clearly kept their personal life details out of the spotlight, we do not know much about their children.

Madeline Cuomo Parents

The attorney’s parents are Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. Her parents got married in the year 1954 and had been married for more than 6 decades. They stayed devoted to their wedding vow

Until death does us apart “

and stayed together in harmony until Mario died in 2015. Mario adored his wife, and the two of them had a long and fruitful marriage, with 5 children and 14 grandkids.

Now, shedding light on Madeline’s parents’ career, they are the eminent personalities of the United States who made the Cuomo family a trademark. The family’s lengthy involvement in American politics has made them well-known. The father, Late. Mario Cuomo was known to be the 52nd Lieutenant Governor of New York City. In addition to that, he was involved in many other political matters as a member of the Democratic party. Similarly, her mother, Matilda, was the first lady of New York and also a supporter of women, children, and other needy people. In addition, she is also the founder of a non-profit organization called the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

madeline Cuomo's parents, Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo
Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo, parents of Madeline Cuomo

Madeline Cuomo siblings

Cuomo grew up as a middle child with 4 siblings. She has 2 elder sisters; Margaret Cuomo, Maria Cuomo, 1 elder brother Andrew Mark Cuomo and a younger brother Christopher Cuomo. Shedding more light on her siblings, her elder brother has followed their parents’ footsteps and is a famous American politician and a lawyer. He has been serving as the governor of New York since 2011. Likewise, her younger brother, Christopher, is a well-known journalist who is known as the presenter of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time show.

Furthermore, her eldest sister is a radiologist, physician, and also author. Lastly, her other sister Maria is an Emmy award-winning producer of Cuomo Cole Productions. With this being known, we must say that all of the Cuomo siblings are at the height of their careers. Though all of them have contrasting careers, they share an extraordinary love and understanding.

Madeline Cuomo smiling with her siblings
Madeline Cuomo and her siblings, Margaret, Maria, elder brother Andrew Mark and a younger brother Christopher


Madeline is an accomplished matrimonial lawyer based in the United States. Her family environment must have played a vital role in her career. As all of the elder members of her family were serving their nation, she too got inspired by it and decided to pursue her career in the field where she could serve her nation. As she didn’t have much interest in politics, she dedicated her career to the legal profession.

For that, she completed her education at Albany Law School and specialized in matrimonial relationships. Since her graduation, she has handled all kinds of legal duties related to family relationships like divorce, child custody, marriage e.t.c. When asked about her views on entering politics, she changes the subject by saying,

My brother is the best person to handle political concerns.”

Net Worth

As a successful legal personality, Cuomo has been earning handsome money from her career. The recent reports claim that her net worth falls somewhere in the range of $4million to $5million. But the exact figure is yet to be disclosed by the attorney. Likewise, her salary is also said to be somewhat around $53 thousand to $184 thousand. So, it can be said that the matrimonial lawyer has been enjoying an opulent lifestyle from her lucrative career.

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