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Mahin Wilson (Charlie Wilson Wife) Age, Net Worth, Children

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Image of the wife of singer Charlie Wilson, Mahin Wilson

Mahin Wilson is the wife of the superstar vocalist, Charlie Wilson, also popular as Uncle Charlie. Mahin is an American citizen of Iranian roots. Apart from being the wife of Charlie Wilson, she is a social worker.

We know only a little information about her personal life as she keeps it strictly private. However, we have tried to explore as much as we can in this article. We have gathered more information regarding her age and children.

Charlie Wilson is Married to his wife, Mahin Wilson

It was the time in 1995 when the singer was in a rehab center fighting his drug addiction. Mahin would work as a social worker at the same rehab center. And the two met there. She helped the singer come out of his drug addiction and gave him a new life.

In many instances, the singer has revealed that she helped and motivated him to become a different person than he was at that time.

They started dating after the singer was out of rehab and have

been together since then. The singer never leaves her wherever he goes since they met.

The two have been living a happy and married life together for over 25 years now.

Image of the wife of the superstar vocalist Charlie Wilson, Mahin Wilson
A renowned singer Charlie Wilson and his wife, Mahin Wilson

The beautiful wife of Charlie Wilson has devoted her life as a social worker. She has not had any children saying that she wants to focus on the service as a social worker.

She has not only helped Charlie come out of drug addiction but also built his self-confidence. Charlie suffered from prostate cancer in 2008, but luckily it was in the early stage. The radiation implant helped the singer beat cancer. It was Mahin who gave him the self-confidence to talk about his prostate cancer.

She has been a support for the R&B singer since they met. Although she is the wife of a superstar, she likes to stay in a low profile.

How old is Mahin Wilson? Her Age

The real age of Mahin is not available. But she must be in her late 50s, given her looks.

Net Worth and Salary

The detail of her earnings is not available. However, if we consider her husband’s net worth to be her, she is at $15 Million.


Although they have lived a long married life, the couple does not have any children.

Charlie recalls how Mahin Recommended Rihanna is a Song

The couple goes together wherever they go all the time. Charlie recalls a moment how she replaced him with Rihanna in a song. Charlie was collaborating with Kanye West in a song in 2010. He was the featured artist but his wife, Mahin, suggested that Rihanna be taken into that song. And he went to the background vocalist from the featured artist


NameMahin Wilson
Age Not mentioned (Assumed to be in her late 50s)
ProfessionSocial Worker
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandCharlie Wilson

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