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Who is Majah Hype Wife/Girlfriend? His Net Worth, Birthday, Wedding

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Image of Majah Hype

From the Caribbean to England to America, Majah Hype and his jokes are praised all over. But was he always admired, or did he had some hardships before the prominence? Does this successful has a wife behind him? Here is the answer to abridge all your curiosity.

Who Is Majah Hype? Real Name and Early Life

Born with the real name Nigel Josepth, Majah Hype is his stage name. The man is a popular persona of lots of aspects in the entertainment business. Besides, he is an American actor, comedian, director as well as producer. Not only this, but he is even a musical personality. Further, he claims that it was his grandfather who inspired him towards music. His grandfather even taught him to play and understand 7 different types of musical instruments.

Shedding light on his early life, he was the eldest child of his parents with two siblings. He was born to his parents in the Caribbean and later migrated to the United States at a young age. So, being raised in the States, he endures American nationality; however, his ethnicity is relieved to be Jamaican.

Is Majah Hype Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

Majah Hype is not married or in any relationship known to the public in today’s world. The comedian was married to a beautiful woman, Terri, with whom he had a long-standing relationship. The duo was married for about a decade and had a great bonding. During that period, they also had children.

The comedian is a proud father of three fabulous children, which he had from his first marriage with Terri. Later, things did not work out as expected, and Terri and Hype decided to move on and divorce. Hype is a man of controversy and can be seen in many controversial claims.

After his divorce, he was seen in some engagement with Latisha Kirby. His ex-fiance was seen to break up the engagement. Latisha also explained in an Instagram video that she was allegedly abused by the comedian, so she decided to move on.

Majah Hype with his ex-wife, Terri
American actor Majah Hype and his ex-wife, Terri.

Majah Hype Net Worth

Majah is a successful actor and comedian. He is popularly known between his fans and followers for his humorous comedy style. He has been hugely rewarded for his hard work, both as a comedian and an actor.

As of today, his net worth can be assumed to be around USD 4 million. He seems to enjoy the hard-earned money in maintaining a lavish lifestyle. The entertainment industry has truly credited his bank balance and made him a millionaire.

How Old Is Majah Hype? Age and Birthday

Born in the year 1971, Majah was raised in Eastern Kingston, Jamaica. Every year, he is seen to celebrate his birthday in December on the 12th day. Though he is 49 years old, he is assumed by his fans to be much younger.

Relationship with His Ex-Fiancee Latisha Kirby

Latisha Kirby is popularly known as the ex-fiance of Hype. The comedian was with her in the relationship after he divorced Terri, his first wife. She is known as a strong woman speaking against abuse. It has been rumored that she was in a relationship with the comedian for a couple of months and was even engaged.

The actual reason for the breakup is still unknown. In an Instagram Live video, Latisha expressed her side of the story and informed her fans and followers that she would leave Hype and have a peaceful life free from any abuse. Latisha is also a proud resident of Brooklyn, where the comedians also reside.

Majah Hype with his Ex-fiancee, Kirby
American actor Majah Hype and his Ex-fiancee, Latisha Kirby.

Majah Hype Career 

Majah’s career as an entertainment personality seems to thrive continuously. His ability to mimic has earned him both name and fame. Though he started as a local online comic, he is now a huge sensation whose comedy shows are based on the big screen as well.

He also received the renowned ‘King of Caribbean Comedy‘ award for his amazing jokes. Before gaining all the prominence as a comedian, the man had a very simple life. His initial career was as a certified electrician. He also served as a DJ afterward but was not quite pleased with it. However, he chose to follow his desires of comedy in 2013 completely, and he has only been aspiring high since then.

Social Media Activities

Majah, a comedian, is quite active on social media. We can say that he is a social media influencer as he is on nearly every social media network, from Facebook to YouTube, and he’s everywhere. He is present on Instagram as @majahhype. He has amassed 1.2 million followers on his verified handle.

Likewise, he joined YouTube in 2008 and has 138k subscribers. People love him on YouTube for his funny content. He is usually seen posting comedy skits and parody videos on the platform.

Looking at his Twitter bio, he seems to be on the platform for December for more than 10 years, where he keeps posting funny tweets. The guy is hilarious, and his Facebook profile picture vividly reflects this.

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