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Marcella Samora Age: Facts about Selena Quintanilla Mom

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Images of Selena Quintanilla's mother, Marcella Samora

Mothers of celebrities are always in the limelight for raising famous kids. Like every mother, Selena Quintanilla‘s mother, Marcella Samora, is also a very loving mother. Selena made her parents proud at a very young age. Unfortunately, she was shot dead at 23. Moreover, Marcella is the wife of singer and ex-military man Abraham Quintanilla Jr. Marcella Samora is also a social worker.

In the name of Selena, Marcella’s family looks after Selena Foundation. Here, in this article, you’ll get to know some details about her life.

Who is Marcella Samora? Early life

Marcella Samora is an American Citizen born on July 17, 1944. Marcella is known among the people as the mother of the famous deceased singer Selena Quintanilla. Selena Quintanilla, aka Selena Lopez, is the youngest of Marcella and Abraham.

Samora is of mixed ethnicity, Mexican-American. Her early life was away from the spotlight. Early life and educational information about Marcella Samora is very little known. Marcella is the wife of a military man, Abraham Quintanilla. The couple met during the early 1960s. When Samora was pregnant, the couple thought they would welcome a son, but a beautiful daughter Selena took her first breath in 1971.

How old is Marcella Samora? Age

Currently, Samora enjoys her mid-70s. 1944 born Marcello is 77 years old.

Marcella Samora is married to her husband, Abraham Quintanilla

During the first meet with Abraham, Marcella Samora used to live in Washington. Abraham was serving the nation, joining the military force in 1961. The loving couple shared their nuptials on 8th 1963. Abraham was a part of a ‘Los Dinos,’ a musical act previous to the military. Later, returning from the military in 1969, he again joined the group.

The group performed rock and roll and American pop and rock musical performances at different clubs. In 1967, Marcella and Abraham had their first child, Suzette. Abraham resumed performing for Los Dinos until it disbanded in 1974. During 1970, Marcella was diseased with a tumor that demanded quick action.

Unfortunately, she could not undergo the procedure to remove the tumor as she was confirmed pregnant by a doctor. The doctor had told them to have a son, so they even chose his name, Marc Antony, but they welcomed a daughter Selena in 1971. Abraham was the person who taught his children music at a very young age.

Marcella Samora looking happy with her husband, Abraham
Marcella Samora, the mother of the deceased famous singer Selena Quintanilla Quintanilla

About Husband Abraham Quintanilla

Abraham Quintanilla is a well-known and record-holder singer and songwriter. Selena Quintanilla Perez is the third child of Abraham. Abraham was born on February 20, 1939, in a Catholic family in Texas. Quintanilla family used to harvest crops along the Rio Grande river commercially. Abraham had strong dedication and determination to be a singer, so he joined a music group Los Dinos.

Abraham joined the military force in 1961 and served until 1969. He met Marcella when he was planning for a military. Abraham and Marcella have three children in total. Abraham Quintanilla’s net worth is around 10 million USD. He is continuously active in the music industry and films. Abraham will soon be an author of a book, so shortly, his net worth can inflate.

Marcella Samora Children

Marcella Samora is a mother to three children Abraham-Isaac Quintanilla III, Suzette Quintanilla, and Selena Quintanilla Perez successively. Even the Childers is part of the musical world. Selena Perez was a famous and successful singer. Sadly, she was murdered.

Marcella Samora’s daughter Selena was murdered at a young age

Marcella and Abraham’s daughter Selena Perez was just 23 when she died in 1995. Yolanda Saldívar shot Selena because of some disputes and business issues. At that time, Yolanda was managing Selena’s business in a boutique inappropriately. Selena combatted with Yolanda. Violently, Yolanda shot Selena.

Even after 26 years of the death of Selena, her parents experience a tremble yet. Marcella and Abraham are working to honor the memory of Selena.

In the name of Selena, Marcella, Abraham, Chris Perez (Selena’s husband) are running the Selena Foundation. Selena Foundation is an organization that runs non-profitable and helps motivate young children to go to school. It also helps the kids grasp family values for the betterment of individuals, society, nation, and the world.

Selena Quintanilla, Daughter of Marcella Samora looking gorgeous
Deceased famous singer Selena Quintanilla.

Marcella’s Net Worth

Marcella’s wealth is approximately 50 million USD. The source of her net worth is unknown.

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