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Mayeli Alonso (Lupillo Rivera former Wife) Age, Net Worth

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Images of Lupillo Rivera former Wife, Mayeli Alonso

Mayeli Alsonso is someone who has created her own worth despite being a celebrity spouse. As we all know, being a celebrity’s wife is itself an asset to one’s fame. We have come across a lady who has not bothered to stay just a celebrity spouse but has achieved many things independently. She is none other than singer Lupillo Rivera‘s ex-wife Mayeli.

The lady has been one great example to every woman who desires to live an independent life. Thus, let us take a closer look at her bio to know her age, net worth, and career facts.

Mayeli Alonso Age and Early life

Mayeli Alonso is widely known for being Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife, but apart from that, she is also an Entrepreneur and Instagram star. She is currently 36 years of age, as she was born on December 1, 1984. Besides, she was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and holds Mexican nationality, and has Spanish ethnicity. She was born to her father, Mario Alonso; however, her mother is out of the picture.

As for her early life, we know that she was raised in a generous family, and her childhood went pretty normal. But we do not know the insights of her mother and siblings. She is very quiet when it comes to her family matter. Besides, we know that the entrepreneur is well-educated, even though her academic qualifications are undisclosed for now. We don’t even know from where she did her schooling.

Net Worth and Career

To talk about Alonso’s professional life, she is a successful entrepreneur. It was in 2014 when she first hopped in the business industry. She launched her cosmetic line Drama queen Makeup, which is the best-rated makeup brand these days. The most loved products of her makeup brand are lipstick and eye shadows, which are even reviewed by many celebrities and makeup artists. Furthermore, the businesswoman also started an online store called Town of Lashes, which sells fake eyelashes. Moreover, she is also an Instagram star with a massive number of followers.

As we research her net worth in different sites, we came to find out that the lady is worth $500,000 as of 2021. Obviously, her makeup business has flourished so well that she certainly deserves this fortune. Also, she might have some secondary income source from her social media accounts, where she gets paid for brand endorsements. Whatsoever, she is living a splendid life with her earnings.

Mayeli Alonso is the former wife of Lupillo Rivera

The businesswoman first met Lupillo Rivera in his own concert in 2003. They dated for two years and got engaged in 2003. After three years, they thought of stepping further and took their wedding oaths in 2004. Besides, the couple is the parents to two of their children; daughter Lupita Karizma Rivera and son L’Rey. In fact, she is also a stepmother to her husband’s six kids from his previous affairs.

Moving back on to their marriage, the couple was living blissfully in cloud nine, but unfortunately, their fairy tale love story was not meant to last forever. They decided to get separated, and the news of them filing divorce floated on the internet in 2018.

The wedding vows they took to behold each other until their death lasted just for twelve years. They haven’t yet revealed the actual reason behind their separation, perhaps there were rumors that Alonso was actually cheating on her husband. However, she clearly denied the accusations on Instagram and wrote.

“This is dirty and I will not allow it.” Furthermore, she stated that she would take the necessary legal actions against whoever tries to affect her reputation.

After a long time, the reason behind their divorce was revealed to be a disagreement regarding some financial issues.

Mayeli Alonso with her ex-husband, Lupillo

An Entrepreneur and Instagram star, Mayeli Alonso, with her ex-husband, Lupillo Rivera

Mayeli Alonso is currently engaged to Jesus Mendoza

After getting divorced with her long-time husband, Mayeli further fell in love with singer Jesus Mendoza. She has now moved on from her previous relationship that ended terribly. The lady is now engaged to her new lover and has been together since 2018. She doesn’t hide her relationship with the new guy and even shares their romantic moments on her social media.

In 2019, the couple spent their Christmas holidays together and mentioned it to be their best Christmas ever. They seem to be in deep love but haven’t announced their wedding plans yet. In addition, we could see in social media that Jesus surprised her with a truck full of roses on her birthday, which literally made her cry happy tears.

Who is Jesus Mendoza?

Let us know the guy who makes Mayeli feel over the clouds in detail. Jesus El Rayo Mendoza, who goes by his short name Jesus Mendoza, is a Mexican singer and a songwriter. He was born in Michoacán, Mexico, and moved to the United States when he was just two. Later he was raised by his parents in California. He has a passion for music from an early age and hence, did his first gig at the age of 16.

Between the years 2013 and 2014, he presented various tracks and shared stages with artists like Roberto Tapia, Banda el Limon, Larry Hernandez, and Banda el Recodo. The Mexican singer has released his single “Mis Inicios” which gathered more than half a million views on YouTube. Additionally, he is on Instagram with the username jesusmendozanet. He has a verified account consisting of 411k followers and even mentions that he is a single dad on his Instagram bio. You can check him out to know how much he is in love with Mayeli.

Mayeli Alonso with his fiance, Jesus Mendoz

Mayeli Alonso and his fiance, Jesus Mendoza

Mayeli Alonso was arrested in the airport

According to Canadian news, Mayeli was arrested at an airport in Mexico after an argument with a Volaris airline employee. According to her, she missed her flight as the airline did not carry her luggage. Reports suggest that she was arrested by Mexican police and taken away in a van. The airline stated that she was causing a disturbance at the airport, but the businesswoman claims it to be an injustice.

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