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MD Tiffany Moon Net Worth: Her Age, Husband, Kid

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Dr. Tiffany Moon, an anesthesiologist

“The real housewives of Dallas” had some new faces last season. Joining the cast was Dr. Tiffany Moon, an anesthesiologist. Do you really want to understand her life? Read until the end to know Tiffany’s net worth and age. Also, Who is her husband? Does she have any kids?

Who is Tiffany Moon?

Tiffany Moon, an anesthesiologist, and a mother, is a design expert. But her real fame comes as the cast of Bravo TV’s The real housewives of Dallas.

Tiffany is also a lecturer who has distributed three dozen unique books and has given general lectures on exams. She likes to convey her creativity and sense of humor through design and her TikTok channel. Tiffany now lives in Dallas, Texas, with her partner, four young children, two dogs, and a rescue rabbit.

Tiffany Moon’s Net Worth and Salary

As of 2021, Tiffany Moon’s wealth is generally estimated to be 2.5 million US dollars. It is estimated that her annual salary as an anesthesiologist is $240,000. Moon also includes a series of gems called “Endless Love.” In addition, she also made a fortune for appearing in Housewives of Dallas.

How old is Tiffany Moon?

On August 13, 1984, Moon was born in Beijing, China. People know very little about her parents and relatives. What we cannot deny is that she migrated to the US when she was six years old.

Once Tiffany said,

“After moving to the United States, I had nothing. I lived in an unremarkable neighborhood. It doesn’t have a bed. My parents hardly understand English. “


After graduating from high school, Moon visited Cornell University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree. At that time, she completed her Ph.D. at UT Southwestern Focus in Dallas. Tiffany did not gain a “castle-like” life, as shown in the movie. She was raised in the city of Beijing.

Tiffany revealed her Mother, Grace Sun, and her father, Michael, who taught her family values in one scene. She once talked about her mom,

“Grace is very strong and very stable women who raised me to be the lady i am now.”

Despite all the hardship, Tiffany’s parents gave her everything in life.

Tiffany Moon is a certified MD

Tiffany is an anesthesiologist, lecturer, and clinician expert. She was a student of Cornell University and the UT Southwestern Medical Research Institute. Here, she got the Alpha Omega honor and research excellence award.

In 2014, Tiffany received her MD and Ph.D. She has also got the best teaching staff of the year award. Tiffany is a member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and an oral examiner of the American Board of Anesthesiologists.

Her website, with 24 unique essays, audits, and book sections, has lectured on topics related to Anesthesiologists’ exams worldwide.

Anesthesiologist, Tiffany Moon liiking beautiful in blue Top

Dr. Tiffany Moon, an anesthesiologist

Who is Tiffany Moon’s husband?

American anesthetist Tiffany’s hitched to Daniel Moon. We don’t gossip about how they meet or got married, but we would say that these two are strong. They have twin girls together.

Moon shared some clues about her life with Daniel on her Instagram page, including family photos, date night, and Paris outings. She presented her husband with a Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott’s jersey in his birthday. Daniel is a great fan of Football.

Her post from the day was captioned,

“Happy birthday to the best husband in the world.”

She added many tags as “family first.”

Before marrying Tiffany Moon, Daniel Moon was married to Judy Choi. They had opposite-sex twins Nathan and Nicole. His first twin child was born in 2004. In any case, Daniel and Judy separated in 2010. Daniel currently lives with his later wife, Tiffany, and four children.

Daniel, originally from Dallas, Texas, was born in 1973. He was brought into this world by David and Insun Moon. His parents were originally from South Korea and moved to the United States in the 1960s. Daniel Moon is an American territorial engineer and business visionary. He is the VP of the company “Sam Moon Group.” As of 2021, the total assets assessed by Daniel Moon are estimated to be approximately US$10 million.

Tiffany Moon Children

Tiffany and her partner gave birth to two beautiful twins, Chloe and Madison. Her husband also has two twin kids from his previous marriage with Judi Choi, Nathan, and Nicole. Tiffany’s entire family supported her in raising the kids. The family lives in a big house covering 12,000 square feet.

Tiffany Moon with her husband and children

An anesthesiologist, and a mother, Tiffany Moon with her husband, Daniel Moon, and children

Tiffany Moon’s career

Many of us have known Moon from her appearance on TV. She succeeded in acting as LeeAnne Locken in the fifth season of the reality show series. Since the beginning, Moon is the fan’s fav; she has served as a referee in many episodes.

In addition to working in the clinical and television business, Moon is also a business visionary. It sells a large number of products, including veils, cleaning hoods, and candles. It also includes a decorative website called “Eternal Love.” She donated part of her website income to “The Family Place,” a non-profit organization to help brutality victims.

Tiffany believes that her interest in RHOD will move others. She said,

“When I moved to the United States in the mid-1990s, I used to watch the TV and no one looks like me. I just think, seeing me in TV gives the sense of motivation for young ladies. What I mean is, Representation is really important. “

In addition to being a mother, Tiffany has increased responsibility in filming. Managing all this at a time wasn’t easy.

“I felt like I am breaking through over and over again, “Tiffany told ET.” “You know, being a mother and a doctor is already hard enough. So when I faced the pandemic, I felt like I cannot continue to go ahead.”

However, Tiffany managed to rise. She is a real hero- both in life and reel.

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