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Mechelle Epps (Mike Epps’ Ex-Wife) Age, Net Worth and Bio

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Mike Epps' Ex-wife, Mechelle Epps

Who is Mechelle Epps? Well, most people know her as an actress, writer, and producer, while others mention her name as an ex-wife of comedian-actor Mike Epps. Even after her divorce from Mike, she has lived her life independently with her career. She is an ideal example of an independent, fierce woman.

Henceforth, let’s learn more about Mechelle Epps and her age, net worth, and biography in this article.

How old is Mechelle Epps? Age and Bio

Mechelle Epps is a household name in Hollywood as she is an actress, writer, producer, and whatnot. However, she is also profoundly known to be the ex-wife of Mike Epps. The actress was born on November 27, 1987, which makes her 33 years old. As she was born in Houston, Texas, she is an American citizen.

Furthermore, she spent most of her childhood in Texas growing up with her parents, but she never mentions them anywhere. However, we know that she is Christian by religion. Before marrying the comedian-actor Mike, the actress was Mechelle McCain, but after divorcing her husband, she again went back to her maiden name. So far, as we’re concerned about her academic details, she went to the University of Houston and obtained her graduate degree.

Net Worth and Income Source

With her career as an actress, writer, producer, and entrepreneur, Mechelle has made quite a lucrative net worth for herself. She has invested her time and money in her business ventures and has made a significant profit. According to sources, she has a fortune of $4 million, which she uses to live a splendid life with her two daughters. She is currently living an outstanding life in Los Angeles, California, and manages her business side by side. Also, she might earn from different sponsorship posts on Instagram as she has more than 134k followers on the platform.

Mechelle Epps was married to Mike Epps for 11 years.

The actress was married to comedian Mike Epps, but she is no longer together with him. But if we go back, the duo met each other in 2001, when Mike was starting to shape up his career, and Mechelle had just stepped in Los Angeles to chase her acting career. As both of them had common goals in life at that time, they eventually fell in love with each other.

After that, Mechelle gave her debut performance in a 2003 film, “The Fighting Temptations,” featuring Cuba Gooding Jr., Beyoncé, and Mike. Mechelle and Mike then tied their wedding knots in 2006 and kept on struggling with their respective career.

Mechelle Epps with her Ex- husband
Mechelle Epps with her Ex-husband, Mike Epps

Both of them succeeded in their career, but their relationship did have its drawbacks. Furthermore, Mechelle was confident that Mike would never walk away from her because he time and again mentioned that he would never leave his loving wife.

Unfortunately, their relationship started to fall off, and they divorced each other in January 2016 due to some undocumented reasons. However, their relationship was dead by June 2015. Later, Mechelle mentioned that she caught Mike flirting with another woman and walking down the street.

Mechelle Epps Children

Mechelle and Mike stayed together for 11 years and became blessed parents to two of their daughters. They are Mariah Epps and Maddie Epps. Mariah is the eldest daughter, who is currently 15, and Maddie is 13 at the moment.

Furthermore, Mechelle is also the stepmother to Makayla and Bria, who are Mike’s daughters from his previous marriage.

Mechelle Epps with her daughters
Mechelle Epps with her daughters, Mariah Epps and Maddie Epps

Mechelle Epps Career

As we said, Mechelle struggled in her career together with her ex-husband Mike. She made her debut appearance in the movie “The Fighting Temptations” in 2003. According to her IMDb, she has 13 credits as an actress, six credits as a producer, and three credits as a writer.

Although she has appeared in dozens of movies and TV series, she is primarily famous for her role in 35 and ticking, starring Kevin Hart. She has also featured in TV series like The Bold and the beautiful, Misadventures of a Hollywood Housewife, and many more. She last appeared in A Lesson of Beauty in 2020 in the role of Malia.

Height, Weight, and Measurements

While she looks amazingly tall in the pictures, Mechelle stands at the height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs around 75 kg. Furthermore, her body measurements are 38-34-40 inches, and looks attractive with dark brown eyes and black hair—also, her shoe size in 5 UK.

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