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Meet Jack Hanna’s Wife, Suzi Egli, Daughters, and Family.

Image of Wildlife Conservationist, Suzi Egli

Jack Bushnell Hanna is a retired American zookeeper. He is famously known as Jack Hanna and also as Jungle Jack.

He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on January 2, 1947. Apart from being a zookeeper, Hanna is also a TV personality. He has appeared in many television shows like Animal Adventures, Into the Wild, and Wild Countdown.

The award-winning animal expert is married to Suzi Egli, who is a wildlife conservationist. It has recently been reported that Hanna is retiring from public life due to dementia which is believed to be Alzheimer’s disease. His family announced the shocking sad news earlier this month.

Suzi Egli is the wife of Jack Hanna

Suzi Egli is a famous wildlife conservationist and a media personality. The New Jersey native studied physical education and health and graduated from Muskingum University, Ohio.

The wildlife conservationist is married to the legendary zookeeper and animal expert, Jack Hanna. Egli and Hanna tied the nuptial knot in December 1968. It has been 53 years that they have been married. They have lived a successful and happy life together as a married couple.

They have not only lived the life together as husband and wife but also traveled the world together as an animal expert and conservationist.

Egli has also co-starred on Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild.

Jack’s wife Suzi Egli is a Wildlife Conservationist

The wife of a legendary animal expert is a well-known wildlife conservationist. She is not a new name to the people working in wildlife conservation.

Born in 1947 in New Jersey, she studied and graduated from Muskingum University in Ohio. Although she studied physical education and health, she has made her successful career and name as a wildlife conservationist.

Apart from being into wildlife conservation, she is also a philanthropist and media personality.

Daughters and Family.

The marriage of Suzi and Jack has been blessed with three amazing daughters. The couple has spent amazing 53 years together.

Image of Wildlife Conservationist, Suzi Egli and her husband
A wildlife conservationist, Suzi Egli with her well-known artist, Jack Hanna

Their daughters have also made their appearance on Jack’s show. The three daughters of the couple, Kathaleen, Suzanne, and Julie, have grown up and have been living their life.

Kathaleen, the oldest daughter, lives in England with her husband and two kids. The second daughter, Suzanne, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and four kids.

The youngest daughter of the couple, Julie, works at the Columbus Zoo as an animal educator. She has had a troublesome life due to her health condition. She had been diagnosed with leukemia when she was young and later on with a brain tumor.

It was fortunate that she survived the life-threatening diseases.

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