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Meet Scott Storch Ex-wife Christina Gray and Kids. Net Worth

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Image of a popular record artist and a keyboardist, Scott Storch

Scott Storch is a popular record artist and a keyboardist. Born in Long Island, New York, he has made his name quite popular in the music industry.

His full name is Scott Spencer Storch. The 47-year old songwriter is a high school drop-out and was living independently by the age of 16. Some of the sources have mentioned him to be a Canadian by birth, but there is no evidence to prove the argument. Learn about his ex-wife, Christina Gray, and their kids.

Scott has produced several hit records of hip hop music in his 3-decade long musical career.

We are trying to explore more about the famous songwriter’s personal life here in this article.

Scott Storch was married to Christina Gray before a Divorce in 2017

Scott found a girl, Christina Gray, to marry in 2011. It is unclear whether the two had been in a relationship before their wedding. But the marriage did not work for long, that they headed for divorce in 2017.

Christina Gray stayed in the life of the songwriter for six years. She had been with him even during the worst years of his life. Scott had to file for bankruptcy in 2015, but Christina had been his solid support. His lifestyle in the prior years had led him to bankruptcy from his $70 million net worth in the year 2006.

The couple divorced in 2017 on a good understanding. But the reason he has given for the divorce is quite interesting. He has mentioned that the two had not spoken to each other since the day they were married. The songwriter has said that the two were under alcohol influence when they got married. They were not in their full sense, and when they came to their sense they realized the marriage would not work.

Whatever the reason was, the couple separated their way in 2017.

Scott Storch Previous Relationships

The once-a-millionaire songwriter had been in several relationships. He has dated beautiful girls at different times. Although there is a rumor that Scott had dated girls including Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, no solid grounds have been revealed.

Image of a popular record artist and a keyboardist, Scott Storch and Kim
A popular record artist and a keyboardist, Scott Storch ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian

While he was millions of dollars of net worth, he would organize parties in his mansion. He must have encountered several beautiful girls during those days.

Scott Storch Kids

The songwriter is a father to four kids. However, the mother of the kids is unknown. He has never spoken about the mother of his children. Speculations have been around that his ex-wife, Christina Gray, is the mother of the youngest girl, Scarlette, but there are no solid grounds to prove the assumption.

There is not much known about his children’s age. However, Scott regularly posts pictures of his youngest daughter and mentions that she is very close to him.

Net Worth

Scott Storch is re-working on improving his financial status after filing bankruptcy in 2015. Scott is around $200K in his net worth in 2021. However, he had $70 million in 2006.

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