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Meleasa Houghton (Israel Houghton Ex-Wife) Net Worth, Age and Bio

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Grammy Award victor Meleasa Houghton

Grammy Award-nominated singer Meleasa Houghton has established herself as an American gospel artist. She is famous for being the ex-spouse of Israel Houghton, a Grammy Award WinnerSinger-Songwriter. In 2015, the American Singer grabbed GMA Dove Award for Traditional Gospel. She was chosen for Grammy Award for the title Best Gospel Performance/Song.

Meleasa Houghton Age and Bio

The singer first opened her eyes on March 01, 1964. As of 2021, Gospel singer is 57 years. Her birthplace is America. She is of African-American origin. Gillbert H. Duncan III and Letricia E.(Plummer) gave birth to her. Her mother closed the chapter of her life on October 07, 2020, at the age of 78. Houghton holds American nationality with mixed ethnicity. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. She follows the Christian religion. She grew up with three siblings: Terrence E. Duncan, Pastor Gilbert H. Duncan, Ruby H. The singer has her name famous in the American Gospel Society. As Houghton is a master in keeping secrets, fewer reports on Houghton’s parents or siblings can be obtained from the media.

With a lack of news on early childhood, her early life and educational data are not known. It is heard that she went to Pen Hills High School to obtain academic qualifications. Her audience wants to know much about her, but she loves to live her life under the radar.

Net Worth and Income Sources

After reading some news from the media, Meleasa’s net worth is estimated to be a range of $4 million -$8 million. The source of the wealth is the fund she received after a divorce settlement from her ex-husband and some of the earnings from the music industry. According to United States law, a wife can get half of her husband’s wealth after the partition. As per the sources, Israel’s earnings are estimated at $10 million. The duo also shared a residence worth $797,000.

Meleasa Houghton was married to Israel Houghton before divorce in 2016.

Meleasa exchanged the vows with Israel Houghton, professionally a gospel singer, in 1994. Their first meet happened in Pittsburgh at Houghton’s ministry. Without any delay, they started dating each other after the meet. After four months of dating, the duo got married. Also, the couple worked together on various songs.

For the continuation of the marriage, there must be love, trust, and understanding among the couples. If one person has no one of those elements, there is no benefit in living under the same roof, no matter how many years of marriage passed by. Grammy Award nominee, Meleasa understands it completely, and after separation from her ex-husband, being together for almost two decades, she is staying with her kids. Her husband confirmed in 2016 that he was dating another woman Bailon, saying a lengthy Facebook post that concludes he cheated on Meleasa.

Meleasa Houghton with her Ex-husband, Israel
A gospel singer, Meleasa Houghton with her Ex-husband, Israel

Meleasa Houghton Children

Meleasa is a mother to three children, Milan Lillie, Mariah, and Sonny. Their son, Sonny Houghton, is establishing himself as a singer-songwriter. Also, he is a music producer. He also does the job as the marketing manager. The daughter, Lillie Houghton, is a talented singer. Another daughter, Marian Houghton, is a model having artistic skills and an influencer on Instagram. Meleasa is happy sharing her present chapter of life with her kids.

Meleasa has three children
Meleasa Houghton children and her Ex-husband’s children, Sonny, Mariah, and Lillie

Ex-husband Israel Houghton

Being a lover of music and songs since his early days, Iѕrаеl began hіѕ career in muѕіс іn 1997 аnd ѕіnсе thеn, hе hаѕ completed 13 аlbumѕ. Out of them, mаnу bесоmе а grеаt hіt winning every audience’s heart. Не recorded 11 оf thеѕе аlbumѕ undеr hіѕ оwn lаbеl Іntеgrіtу. Israel first came to people’s attention with hіѕ best аlbum “Віggеr Тhаn Му Іmаgіnаtіоn”.Тhіѕ album wаѕ recorded and released іn 2003 аnd hаѕ bееn tagged аѕ оnе оf thе уеаr’ѕ popular wоrѕhір аlbumѕ as per Сhrіѕtіаnіtу Тоdау Rеvіеw.

Араrt frоm giving his time іn ѕоlо muѕіс, the singer аlѕо created а bаnd іn 1995 called аѕ Nеw Вrееd Міnіѕtrіеѕ. Не аlѕо introduced himself аѕ а muѕіс рrоduсеr.In 2002, hе recorded аn аlbum called Rеаl. He has collected not less than 50 awards and nominations combined, which also includes Grammy Award. Israel is continuing his work in the music industry for approximately 20 years now.

Meleasa Houghton Career

Being fond of music since her childhood days, Meleasa started her career in music in 1990. However, she took the time to catch the audience’s attention and reach the limelight. Meleasa is counted among the rare Christian singers whose songs and music have been uplifting many people’s hearts and souls all around the globe. Primarily, she makes her music to address the word of God, something that is found rare in the present world.

Professionally, Houghton began the scene in the early 2000s with her first meet with ex-husband Israel at Houghton’s ministry in Pittsburgh. She inaugurated her career with his band called Israel and New Breed. After entering the band, Meleasa Houghton’s singing and music career began to win the audience’s hearts, especially in the US. Her fans are fond of her magical voice and talent. Collaborating with the band, Meleasa contributed to numerous projects.

Meleasa Houghton’s music has, indeed, been rising to many all around the globe. Her performance as a leading vocalist contributed to the band recording some of the famous gospel hits. In 2015, she was chosen for the title Best Gospel Performance/Song in Grammy Award. Unluckily, she did not make it to grab the award. The American Singer held GMA Dove Award for Traditional Gospel in the same year. Having inborn talent and faith in God, Houghton gained millions of fans and high fame.

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