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Melissa Bell: Facts about W. Kamau Bell’s Wife

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Image of W. Kamau Bell and wife, Melissa

Melissa Bell, also known as Melissa Hudson Bell, is the beautiful spouse of Walter Kamau Bell. Walter is a popular stand-up comedian and television host. But it would be an injustice to the beautiful wife of the comedian if we took her only to be a celebrity spouse. She is a successful fine arts intellectual who specializes in performance arts.

Now, let me guide you through this post, in which you will learn more about W. Kamau Bell’s wife, Melissa, and her personal and professional life.

Who is Melissa Bell? Bio

Apart from being the wife of American celebrity stand-up comedian and TV personality W. Kamau Bell, Melissa has her own identity as a successful performance artist.

The beautiful lady was born in the San Francisco Bay area, USA. The date of his birth has not been disclosed, though. She was a passionate dancer since her childhood, and she took up her interest as her career.

After graduating from High school, Melissa went to UC Riverside to study theatre arts. Bell completed her Masters of Fine Arts in Experimental Choreography from the university.

Melissa Bell is married to her Husband, W. Kamau Bell.

Melissa and Walter met in 2003 through a friend of hers. Jill, A friend of Melissa was playing a one-person show which Walter directed. Melissa went to watch the show where Jill introduced her to Walter.

Soon after the introduction, the two fell for each other and began dating. The relationship was working fine for the couple, but their families were against the relationship. The inter-racial relationship was unacceptable for their families.

But the two continued their relationship, and their love won eventually. Finally, after a long relationship of six years, their love won the hearts of their families too. The couple started their married life in 2009.

Image of American comedian, W. Kamau Bell, wife, Melissa and their two daughters
American comedian W. Kamau Bell with his wife, Melissa, and their two daughters.

Melissa Bell Children

Since their wedding in 2009, they have been enjoying their married life happily. They have welcomed two beautiful daughters into this world. Sami Bell and Juno Bell have given them the pride of becoming parents. The couple has forgotten all the difficulties they had faced during their relationship days after giving birth to their daughters.

Melissa Bell Education

We have talked much about her education above. However, after earning a Master’s Degree from UC Riverside, she did not stop there. Instead, she went to pursue Ph. D. at UC Riverside and completed it in 2013.

She has established herself as an intellectual expert in performing arts.

Melissa Bell Career and Awards

Melissa is a performance art intellectual. She has earned herself a name as a successful performance artist and fitness coach. She took Pilates Teacher Training in 2007 has been teaching the same since then.

As a scholar of Dance, she also gives lectures to university students in California. She is an acclaimed choreographer as well.

Melissa Bell is also active on various dance networks and groups in California.


NameMelissa Hudson Bell
Date of BirthN/A
Place of BirthSan Francisco Bay Area
EducationPh. D. in Critical Dance Studies

UC Riverside

ProfessionPerformance Arts Scholar, Choreographer, Pilates Teacher
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseW. Kamau Bell
Kids2 Daughters

Sami Bell & Juno Bell

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