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Miamithekid: Birthday, Real Name and Net Worth

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Miamithekid and his Biography

Highly popular for his hilarious prank videos, Miamithekid is a prominent YouTuber from the United States of America. Though he started YouTube as a young boy, now he has gained immense love from the platform. His well-wishers are always curious about his life outside YouTube and are constantly raising questions about his life. So, if you are someone who is also curious about Miamithekid, then read until the end where you will know life details on his net worth and real name.

Who is Miamithekid? Wiki- Biography

Miamithekid is a famous YouTuber. Though he created his YouTube channel in 2016, he started making videos on YouTube after two years when he was only 16 years old. Most of his content on his channel and light and fun to watch. He is seen chiefly making prank videos. In addition, he has also seen vlogging, making QnA videos, and also inviting other YouTubers on his channel. He has a total of 81,912,647 views on his channel. Apart from this, not much about his family and early life details are found on the web.

Age and Birthdate

The YouTube star is currently 19 years old, reported a source. He was born in the year 2002, but we are not sure when he actually celebrates his birthday. As said earlier, Miamithekid is entirely private regarding his personal life, so we are not sure who his parents are and what his life was before YouTube. We are also not sure if he has any brothers and sisters. Nonetheless, he was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and holds American nationality.

Is Miamithekid Dating a Girlfriend?

No, Miamithekid appears to be single as of 2021. The teen YouTuber has not spoken anything about having a girlfriend. He is also not seen making any posts about being in a relationship currently. So, considering his online activities, we assume Miamithekid is single and yet to find the love of his life. Nonetheless, according to the source, he was previously in a romantic relationship with a girl named Vicky.

Miamithekid with her rumored girlfriend, Vicky
Miamithekid and her rumored girlfriend, Vicky

Real Name and Birth Name

Despite being a well-known social media personality, Miamithekid is still skeptical about sharing his personal details with the public. As a result, we only know him from his stage name, Miamithekid, and are not sure what his birth name is. Meanwhile, a report states his birth name to be Issac, but it is not confirmed.

Net worth and Income

Despite his young age, Miamithekid is not making a living for himself, but he is also enjoying a luxurious life from his accomplished Youtube career. According to the source, he has accumulated a net worth in the range of $6.1k – $97.7k. And has a monthly salary of about $509 – 8.1k.

How tall is Miamithekid?

Miamithekid has maintained a pretty impressive physique. Speaking of his height, he is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. And, though the exact data on body weight is available, looking at his photos, we can clearly say that he has a well-maintained body.

Images of a prominent YouTuber, Miamithekid
A prominent YouTuber, Miamithekid

Social Media Presence

As a social media influencer, Miamithekid’s social media presence is relatively low. He joined Instagram as @miamithekid in 2019 and has made only 14 posts until now. But, he has a vast number of followers i.e., 305k people are following the YouTuber. Similarly, he began his YouTube journey in 2016. He has 1.1 million subscribers on his channel.

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