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Who are Michael Strahan Kids? Tanita, Sophia and Isabella Strahan

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Michael Strahan Kids

Currently recognized as a journalist and TV presenter, Michael Strahan was a professional football player who played for New York Giants. Michael Strahan’s fame allowed his children to be in the limelight as well. The public is trying to gather information about the Strahan children and is constantly questioning them. His children include Tanita, Sophia, and Isabella Strahan.

So, in order to abridge the curiosity, we have brought you brief information about Michael’s children. So please bear with us to the very finish.

Michael Strahan has Four Children from his Former Spouse.

Former footballer Michael has four children. He has a son Michael Strahan Jr. and daughter Tanita Strahan with his first wife, Wanda Hutchin. According to the source, the footballer married Wanda in 1992. The pair stayed together for almost four years and then parted ways in 1996. After divorce, Michael exchanged wedding vows with his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 1999. However, their relationships too didn’t work, and they separated in 2006.

Similarly, the pair share twin daughters. Furthermore, Michael makes sure that he is always there for his children. As the children live with their mother, the former NFL player claimed that he had to travel a lot to be with them. So, we can say that the father and children are really close. Not only that, though his children have different mothers, they share an extraordinary bond with each other.

His Elder Daughter, Tanita Strahan

Tanita Strahan is the firstborn of Michael Strahan and Wanda. Hutchin. According to the online portals, her mother, Wanda, is an interior designer and a businesswoman. She was born in Germany in the year 1991 and is 29 years old currently. Likewise, she celebrates her birthday on 10th November every year. Now, talking about Tanita’s academics, she completed her high school in Houston in the United States and went to Los Angeles for her college. There she studied

Tanita Strahan, Elder daughter of Michael Strahan

Associates of Arts, Design, and Visual Communication from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

As of now, the celebrity child is living a fulfilling life as a visual artist. Further, she is also an expert in watercolor and digital art.

Is Tanita Strahan Dating a Boyfriend?

Many people have raised questions about Tanita’s relationship status. Thereupon, to clarify, Tanita has made her dating life public. The celebrity kid shares a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Calenta Mincey. Though Calenta’s professional life details have been kept out of media attention, he regularly makes appearances on his girlfriend Tanita’s Instagram handle.

His Only Son, Michael Strahan Jr.

The former footballer has only one son, Michael Strahan Jr. He and his wife Wanda named their beloved son after his father. The celeb’s son is now 26 years old as he was born in Germany in the year 1995. Further, his birthday falls on 12th September. The celeb’s son prefers to have his life out of the limelight, so he has not spoken much about himself.

However, according to the source, Michael Jr. is residing in New York City. And, he completed his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas in San Antonio. Furthermore, Michael also did an internship on his father’s show “ Good Morning America,” and now he is serving as a marketing assistant for SMAC entertainment.

Michael Strahan with his son Michael Strahan Jr.
Michael Strahan with his son Michael Strahan Jr.

His twin daughters, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan

As previously stated, the former NFL athlete has three children, two of whom are twins. He had twin daughters from his second wife, Jean Muggli. Michael and Jean met initially at a spa after he divorced his first wife. Following some years of romantic love life, they decided to formalize their relationship and exchanged their wedding bands in 1999.

After nearly five years, the couple welcomed their twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella, in December 2004. The twins are now 16 years old. Similarly, when the girls were only two years old, their parents divorced, and they are living with their mother, Jean. As of now, the twins are yet to establish a career for themselves as they are still studying at high school.

Currently, their father, Michael, is in a relationship with a model named Kayla Quick.

Michael Strahan twin daughters, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan
Michael Strahan twin daughters, Sophia Strahan and Isabella Strahan

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