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Mike Holmes Wife: Still Married to Alexandra Lorex?

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Image of a Canadian businessman and builder, Mike Holmes

Mike Holmes is a Canadian businessman, builder, television host, and philanthropist. He is primarily into construction works where he brings the solution to the issues for houses with the construction gone wrong. He also hosts a television show called ‘Holmes on Homes‘ on Canadian television. Alexandra Lorex is the former wife of Mike Holmes.

Born in Halton Hills, Canada, in 1963, he is also popular as Mike Senior or as Big Mike. Holmes has transformed himself into a successful entrepreneur and television celebrity after suffering a massive business loss and a heartbreaking divorce with his ex-wife.

Now, let’s discover relevant information about him and find out if he is married right here in this article.

Mike Holmes was Married to a Wife, Alexandra Lorex, in the ’90s.

Mike Holmes was married at the young age of 19 to his childhood friend, Alexandra Lorex. They got married in 1982 and lived as husband and wife happily for a long time. They knew each other well since the very childhood. Mike and Alexandra were happy to marry the young age love of their life.

But Holmes had to face heartbreaking loss in his life. Due to the economic recession, he faced a huge loss in his construction business. He had to cut the number of his staff to help sustain the company. But that did not help him, and his company went bankrupt eventually.

Image of a Canadian businessman and builder, Mike Holmes and ex-wife
A renowned businessman, builder, Tv show host, Mike Holmes, and his ex-wife, Alexandra Lorex

Unfortunately, while he was having a tough time in his profession, his personal life did not go well, either. He had to divorce his wife, the sweetheart love of his young age when he was only 30 years old.

The couple has three children together. After four years of their marriage, Alexandra gave birth to their first daughter, Amanda. And later, the stunning couple was blessed with two more kids – Sherry and Mike Jr.

He keeps a good relationship with the children, and they work and regularly appear on his television show.

Alexandra Lorex Wiki

Alexandra Lorex is the childhood love of Mike Holmes, who she married and later, unfortunately, divorced. She is a woman who stays reserved, so she does not share her personal information with the public.

We do not have much authentic information about her age, education, and career. There is various confusing information about her age, so we opt to avoid talking about it. However, as Holmes is a Canadian and Lorex was his childhood friend, we can say that even she is a Canadian.

Relationship of Mike with Anna Zappia

After Mike parted his way with his ex-wife, Alexandra in the early 90s, he met Anna Zappia. The divorce with his childhood love gave him a sad and bitter experience. When his business was collapsing, Anna supported him to go through his difficult life. Since then, they both have been together.

Image of a Canadian businessman and builder, Mike Holmes and girlfriend
Canadian businessman and builder Mike Holmes and his girlfriend, Anna Zappia

However, it is still unclear if the duo has been married. Anna has been the constant support from the hard days till the days of fame today.
Mike and Anna do not have children yet.

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