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MJ Rodriguez Before Surgery, Boyfriend, Gender and Net Worth

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Facts about MJ Rodriguez Before Surgery, and her boyfriend

Who is MJ Rodriques? Well, she is the first transgender actress to be nominated for Emmy Awards. Despite having to battle for her sexuality, her hard work and perseverance paid off when she was nominated for such a prestigious award. As of now, her fan following has increased massively, and they are highly curious to know about her life details, including the information on her before transition. So, keep reading to know all about her surgery, boyfriend, and career earnings.

Who is MJ Rodriguez? Real name

MJ Rodriguez is an actress and musical personnel based in the United States of America. Though she is widely known as MJ Rodriguez, it is her stage name. And, the actress was born with the actual name Michaela Antonia Jae Rodriguez. According to a source, she was highly influenced by a Marvel comic character named Mary Jane” MJ” Watson; she chose MJ Rodriguez as her anonym.

Now, speaking about her family, she was raised in an American family with mixed ethnic background. Her mother, Audrey, is an Afro-American, while her father, Michael, is partially Afro-American and partially Puerto Rican. So, MJ’s ethnicity is Afro-Latina.

The first transgender actress, MJ Rodriguez

The first transgender actress, MJ Rodriguez

How was MJ Rodriguez before Surgery?

MJ Rodriquez was born as a boy. However, she realized she was different since she was only seven and came out as bisexual or gay when she was 14 years old. After coming out, she continued to work as a male in various shows. Later she decided to transform as a woman entirely and underwent hormone replacement therapy followed by gender transition surgery in 2012. The central defining moments for her transition were inspired by a performance in the theatre production“ Rent.”

In some interviews, the actress claimed that she was skeptical about the transition and worried that it would impact her career. However, her agency was really supportive of her transition. While many people are curious to know how she looked before the surgery, her photos and videos prior to being a woman are readily available on the internet.

Images of MJ Rodriguez before surgery

MJ Rodriguez before surgery

Her Dating Life and Relationship

Miss Rodriquez seems to have a happy dating life at the moment. In 2020, the actress made her relationship status public via an Instagram post. The picture showed MJ sleeping with her boyfriend, and below the picture, she wished her partner ‘National Boyfriend Day’ and wrote,” He makes a girl feel real butterflies.” The lucky man goes by the name Stephen Gimigliano, and he is a scriptwriter by profession claimed a source.

Likewise, MJ leaves no chance to make her man feel special. She shared a nice couple photo and penned a long paragraph for Stephen on Valentine’s Day, explaining how he showed how each human being should treat each other and expressed her love for him.

MJ Rodriguez with her boyfriend

MJ Rodriguez and her boyfriend

Is She a Man or Woman?

Rodriquez is a transwoman. Though she was born as a boy and struggled with her sexually throughout her childhood and adult life, she finally made a transition as a woman, and she highly praised her successful career.

Net Worth and Career

The American entertainment industry has embraced the trans actress wholeheartedly. She has been living a prosperous life as a successful actress and singer. According to recent reports, MJ’s net worth is estimated to be somewhat around $800.000. MJ has loved acting since she was a child. Her family supported her interest, and her mother admitted her into acting classes. Since then, she got began working at theaters. After completing her education in Arts and Music, MJ became more active in the field. “Off-Broadway,” a revival of Rent, was one of her best works. She even received the “ Clive Barnes Award” for her performance.

Moreover, some of her works before her transition include “Luke Cage” “Nursing Jackie,” to name a few. While post-transition includes “Pose,” “Gema,” “Adam,” etc. She even became the first tarns-woman to be nominated for Emmy Awards for her role in the series “Pose.”

Now, talking about her musical career, she used to sing songs and upload her singing videos, but in 2021, she officially debuted her first single called” Something to Say.”

Age and Birthday

Miss Rodriguez was born in Newark, New Jersey, in the year 1991. She celebrates her birthday on the 7th of January and is 30 years old at present. Likewise, we are not sure if the actress is the only child of her parents or if she has any siblings.

Social Media Presence

As a public figure, MJ Rodriquez’s social media presence is high. She is available on almost all social media sites. The actress joined Instagram in 2020 under the username @mjrodriqyez7. She is the verified user of the platform and has amassed massive followers of 1.3 million. Likewise, most of her posts on the site feature her alluring single pictures. Similarly, the actress joined Twitter in 2009. She is frequently seen tweeting as @MjRodriguez7.

Not only on Instagram and Twitter, but MJ is equally present on YouTube and Tiktok. On TikTok, she is seen uploading dance moves and make-up videos too. She has 151.5k followers on her verified TikTok user-id @mj_rodriquez1. While on YouTube, she uploads her beautiful songs.

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