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Who Is Nate Robinson Wife? Meet His Children

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Image of Sheena Felitz

We all recognize Nate Robinson as a professional basketball player who played in NBA for the reputed teams. If you are his fan, you might be aware of the controversy he had been into a couple of years back. The basketball star ruined his marital relationship with some unremorseful deed that was completely unacceptable. Who was his wife, and how did they spoil their relationship? Know everything about Nate Robinson and his wife.

Nate Robinson Was Married to Sheena “Shanna Rae” Felitz

Nate Robinson and Sheena Felitz had been together since high school, even though their relationship went on and off sometimes. Eventually, the couple took a step further and got married.

Nate and Sheena could be the perfect example as a couple. However, their relationship got spoiled after Sheena found Nate cheating on her. The couple had three children together, and their life had been running smoothly until the player revealed that he has a fourth child.

Reportedly, Nate had conceived his fourth child with another partner while still in a relationship with Sheena. He even wrote an apology note on his Instagram back in 2016, which has been removed now. However, the public apology did not work well, and Sheena decided not to get back together with Nate.

Sheena Feltiz with her husband Nate Robinson in stadium
Basketball Player, Nate Robinson and his wife Sheena Felitz.

Nate Robinson Is a Father of 4 Kids

The basketball star Nate is the father of four kids at the moment. Out of his four children, Nahmier, Nayvi, and Nyale Robinson are from his ex-wife Sheena, whereas Nasir is the youngest one joining the family.

Nahmier is his eldest son, turning 17 on October 27, Nyale is the second child who is 15, and Nyavi being the youngest one, is 12 years old.

However, Nate has not yet revealed the whereabouts of the mother of his fourth kid, who is still a toddler. The basketball player quite often shares pictures of his sons on the court.

Nate Robinson’s Sons Are Following In His Footsteps

Even though Nate’s children grew up in controversial family backgrounds, they are carrying the family legacy with them. As three of his kids, Nahmier, Nayvi, and Nyale Robinson, follow in his footsteps to be in the basketball career. Well, the former player might be really proud of their children.

All of his kids from his ex-wife Sheena are showing their interest in Basketball. Their eldest son Nahmier has stood up as a Vikings star, and the younger Nyale is most likely going to the Varsity team, according to his coach. He also showcased his talent on the Elite Basketball Circuit Camps in 2018.

Nate Robinson With his sons in cute pose
Basketball Player, Nate Robinson, and his Sons.

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