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Joanna Rosen (Neal Katyal Wife) Wedding and Wiki-Bio Facts

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Image of An Internal Medicine Specialist, Joanna Rosen

An Internal Medicine Specialist, from Washington DC, Joanna Rosen has medical experience of over eight years. She is the wife of a popular lawyer in America, Neal Katyal.

Let’s read some fascinating facts about the Washington-based doctor.

Who is Joanna Rosen?

Although Joanna Rosen has a successful career as a doctor, her life came into public attention after she got married. She is the wife of the Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States, Neal Katyal. He was in office during Barack Obama’s tenure.

As her husband was holding a highly important position in the US government, he was an influential and popular lawyer.

The doctor lives a low-profile life. Thus, she doesn’t share personal information with anyone. She has neither spoken about her date of birth nor her parents and early education to the public.

However, she graduated as a doctor from Yale University School of Medicine in 1993. She has worked to achieve a successful career as an expert internal medicine specialist.

Married Life with Her Husband Neal Katyal, Her Kids

Joanna is the wife of Neal Katyal. The couple has been taking their married life on joyfully for two decades now. They got married in 2001. They like to keep their life pretty much private so it is tough to dig out their life information.

It is unclear if the doctor-attorney couple had been into a relationship before they tied the knot. There is not much that we can write about their past relationship as they are experts in keeping their personal and public life separately.

The couple has three children from 20 years of their married life. But they have kept their kids at a low profile. There is no information to share about their children, not even the names.

Joanna has been a successful doctor and a wonderful mother. She lives in Maryland, the USA with her family now.

Joanna Rosen Husband Neal Katyal

Neal Katyal is an American attorney who is famous for his high position holding during Barack Obama’s presidency.

Image of An Internal Medicine Specialist, Joanna Rosen's husband
Joanna Rosen’s husband, Neal Katyal, an American attorney.

He was born in 1970 in a well-established family. His mother was a pediatrician and his father, an engineer. Guided by his highly educated parents, Neal studied law at Yale Law School. He graduated with a JD degree from law school in 1995.

Neal has worked with the government of the United States since the time Bill Clinton was president. And he held of office of Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States in both the terms of Obama as the President of the USA.

He has been a successful and famous lawyer in America who has achieved and contributed holding a high position in his career.

Social Media Activities

Although the doctor is not an active person on social media, she has an account on Twitter. However, the account doesn’t have any significant followers. She has only 382 followers and follows 145 people. She had joined Twitter in 2012 and has 180 tweets and re-tweets so far.

It seems that she doesn’t use other social media platforms. We checked her on Instagram, Facebook, etc. but could not find any legitimate accounts of hers.

However, her husband, Neal is very active on Twitter with almost 690 thousand followers.

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