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Nick Crompton: Net Worth, Age, Bio

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Nick Crompton and his Net Worth, Age, Bio

If you follow some great Youtubers, you might be familiar with Nick Crompton, a British digital content creator who has been leaving his positive footprints on YouTube. Apart from being a content creator, many people know him as a co-founder of Social Chain, a marketing platform. This platform is known for featuring Jake Paul and Team 10. While few of his career details are mentioned in the media, some exclusive facts like net worth, age, and biography are yet to be documented. Hence, we brought you this article so that we can inform you.

Nick Crompton Net Worth

Being an entrepreneur and YouTuber, Nick has gained immense fan followers and has earned a substantial amount of money. Furthermore, he is a blogger with a unique online platform where he markets stuff like merch phone cases and pillows. With all of these, Crompton has a net worth of $2 million in 2021. Also, he owns a luxurious car and lives a lavish life independently.

How old is nick Crompton? Age and Bio

The YouTuber was born on February 5, 1995, so he is currently 26 years of age. Being born in Bradford, England, he has British nationality. Furthermore, regarding his early life, we know that he was born in his birthplace with his elder brother, whose identity is not revealed.

Also, we do not know who his birth parents are as he prefers to keep their names behind the curtain. For his academic background, he went to Salt Grammar School, located in Baildon, West Yorkshire, and later transferred to Titus Salt Sixth Form.

Professional Career

As for his career, we have mentioned some of his career statuses above, but you should continue reading for the detailed career status. As per our research, Nick has two of his personal YouTube Channels. One of his channels is “TheNickCrampton,” which he uses for vlogging purposes, and the other one is “NewWorldOrder,” which he uses for showing off his gaming skills.

Furthermore, Nick has been entertaining us both ways since July 2012. The star also has a great career on Instagram as he has a reach of more than 2 million followers, so basically, he is also an Instagram star.

 British digital content creator, Nick Crompton
British digital content creator, Nick Crompton

Moreover, he has achieved many things at the age of 26. He was a supervisor for Tokyo industries in 2012. Also, he works as the Chief Operating Officer for TeamDom, which includes, Team 10, Team X, and TGZ Capital. The company aims to build influential brands with celebrities that also focus on teen entertainment. Also, he worked for a social media marketing agency called Social Chain for one year, starting from 2015 to 2016. Furthermore, we already mentioned that he has a side business of his merch collection.

Who is he currently dating?

Nick Crampton is gay, and he came out in November 2017 by sharing a video on Jake Paul’s channel. Well, he was dating his boyfriend Ley Erskine, whom he met via Tinder. After moving to Los Angeles, California, the YouTuber began dating him. Ley is a professional model from North Carolina who was in a pretty serious relationship with Nick.

Still, unfortunately, the couple wasn’t able to last longer and broke up. Moreover, the couple did not specify a reason behind their breakup, but they said they couldn’t last long because things were not working out as a gay couple. This was the only relationship Nick made public; other than this, we have no clue about his current partner.

Nick Crompton with his boyfriend, Ley Erskine
Nick Crompton with his boyfriend, Ley Erskine

Height, Weight, and Measurements

The YouTuber has a great look apart from his talent as well. Nick stands at a towering height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 80 kg. His body measurements are not mentioned on the internet, but he looks attractive with dark brown hair complemented by brown eyes.

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