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Meet Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino and Children. His Net Worth

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Image of top famous chef, Nick Stellino

Did you know who the wife of celebrity chef Nick Stellino is? If you did not know, you are on the right page to know about her. To talk a little about Nick, he is a celebrated chef of Italian-Sicilian descent popular for his television shows and cookbooks.

We are going to explore more about the photographer wife of the celebrity cookbook author and chef.

Who Is Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino?

The beautiful photographer wife of Nick Stellino was born in 1954. She grew up in her birthplace, Los Angeles. Although we do not have a clue about her early education, she must have attended school at her birthplace.

Nanci has made her name quite successful in photography. Her photography skill is amazing that her pictures come out captivating.

Gorgeous Nanci had a passion for photography from a young age. But she wandered off the photography track when she was young. She would be distracted by many things that took her time away from her passion for photography.

Nanci calls herself a self-made photographer as she has not taken any photography training. She learned all the skills by doing it herself and never considers herself a professional photographer. Her husband, Nick, was also a photographer when they met and married. He was a trained photographer. However, he switched his career later into cooking.

Married Life with Her Husband Nick Stellino

The celebrity chef now and the photographer met each other back in 1981. When Nanci reminisces the day, they had been so excited to meet and share the passion that they both had for photography. He was, especially, so much excited to share his passion with the girl he loved.

Image of top chef, Nick Stellino Wife Nanci Stellino
Top famous chef, Nick Stellino with his wife Nanci Stellino.

After getting married, Nanci continued her photography passion while Nick wanted to try his luck in cooking. Today, 63 years old, Nick is one of the most popular chefs. He hosts television shows and has written several popular cookbooks with recipes for mouthwatering dishes.

The couple knows each other for about 4 decades now and has been in a happily married life. However, the couple doesn’t have children together. Instead, they have two cute cats in their family. The adorable cats are named Luigi and Luca.

Children with Nanci Stellino

The chef and photographer couple do not bear any child yet even after 4 decades of togetherness in married life. Although they do not have any kids of their own, they have two lovely cats who they love like their kids.

Nick Stellino Net Worth and Income Sources

Nick Stellino is a celebrated chef who is famous for his television shows and cookbooks. Born to parents of Italian descent, Nick initially wanted to become a photographer. It was after meeting his wife, Nanci Stellino, he decided to try his luck in cooking.

Now, looking at his career as a celebrity chef, he had made the right choice. He hosts the television show called Nick Stellino: Story Teller in the Kitchen.

Nick has authored 8 popular cookbooks and has made appearances on different platforms as a celebrity chef.

From his successful career as a chef, Nick has garnered a net worth of about $5 million. While Nick has a staggering net worth, Nanci also makes a hefty amount of money from her photography profession.

The couple enjoys a luxurious life at a Los Angeles home.

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