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Nicky Marmet Age, Wikipedia, and Bio-Facts about Robin Tunney Partner

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Images of an interior planner, Nickey Marmet and his wife, Robin

Nicky Marmet is an American interior planner by profession. He is an accomplice of the famous American artist Robin Tunney. Robin has been known for her excellent acting with roles in hit movie series like Prison Break. At the same time, she manages to have an extraordinary life with Nicky Marmet. We should delve into the important part of their life. Know Nicky’s age.

How old is Nicky Mamet? Age and biography

Wondering how old your fav model’s love might be? Nicky’s birthdate is August 16, 1981, in the United States. Currently (2021), Nicky is 40 years old. And, he’s a Leo. His nickname used by partners and colleagues is Nicky. He currently resides in the U.S. with his significant other and their two childrens.

Nicky belongs to a Christian family and obeys every norm set by the Christian ethnic group. Nicky likes to celebrate Christmas with his companions and spouse. He is also busy celebrating his Proposal anniversary in Christmas.

Marmet started his career as a tutor at a private school in the United States and completed his basic training there. However, his school detail is nowhere. In addition, we have no data on Nicky’s schools and universities. However, he completed his graduation as an interior designer.

Nicky Marmet’s career and Wikipedia

Robin’s partner is an interior design expert. For a long time, Marmet has been producing designs for several clients’ homes, and his fiancé has also helped him in his work. Nicky has worked designing different houses for more than ten years and got some great clients. He has worked with a client like Robert Downey Jr.

As an interior designer, Nicky brings amazing cash. He owns the “Nicky Marmet Designs company” in West Hollywood, California. It basically focused on planning, engineering, and furniture.

The wealth of Marmet has not been clearly established. Undoubtedly, the traditional salary of interior designers exceeds $60,000 per year. However, his fiancé Robin Tunney has total assets of 8 million U.S. dollars. Most of her money comes from acting.

Nicky Marmet is currently engaged to Robin Tunney

On December 25, 2012, Nicky and Robin got engaged during a field trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After getting back to the United States, Robin shared that he grabbed the perfect second chance to propose to her.

Do you want to know how the first one was rejected? What happened was Nicky and Robin left for Bahia, Brazil. Around that time, Marmet decided to propose marriage. Apparently, Robin was sick of dengue fever and threw up on Nicky. Afterward, Nicky proposed for the second time. Robin said yes, and unexpectedly expressed how lucky she felt to marry someone like Nicky. Marmet loves a peaceful personal life with his love Robin. This makes Robin love him even more.

The two have now been together for more than a decade, and the marriage promise has not changed. However, the couple has not yet planned the wedding. Fans are waiting for the Robin couple to announce a marriage date.

Nicky Marmet holding hand of his wife, Robin Tunney
An interior planner, Nickey Marmet, and his wife, Robin Tunney

Nicky Marmet Children with Robin Tunney

This couple is the happy parents of two good childrens, a small son and a girl. Robin gave birth to her first child, Oscar Holly Marmet, on the eve of Midsummer 2016. When he was born, his weight was high. Marmet son weighed 9.1 pounds, being 21 inches. By 2020, Oscar is four years old.

In January 8, 2020, the couple became parents again. Robin gave birth to her next child, Colette Catherine. Robin usually posts exciting images of her family in the media.

In the 2016 Oscar awards, she finally addressed,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t say I was pregnant. That’s because lots of things are saved myself.”

She definitely loves private life.

Robin Tunney was Previously Married to Bob Gosse

From 1995 to 2006, Robin and Bob were on marriage arrangements. Tunney met Goses while working for one Niagara film. After dating few years, the two got married on October 4, 1995. In the end, their relationship broke down, and they were separated in 2002. Legally, the couple ended their marriage in 2006 and parted ways. Since then, her ex has been married to Australian essayist and chief Andrew Dominik.

Wife Robin Tunney’s total assets and career

Robin Tunney, born in Chicago, 1972, is now 49 years old. She turned 49 on June 19 this year. The star was brought into the world by Patrick and Cathy Downey in the Wind City of Chicago. Her parents worked as car sales representatives and bartenders.

Robin Tunney, as a teenager, participated in various T.V. commercials. She was first working at the Chicago Institute of Humanities. At the age of 18, she moved to L.A. to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. The star’s first T.V. job was in the CBS “School Special,” where she played Brook in the eighth season.

Five years after its release, Robin completed her first great work in the movie “The Craft.” Her portrayal of the high school witch Sarah Bailey is her first fine job. Are there any Robin Tunney movies on Netflix? Yes, the Robin Tunney Netflix movie “Horse Girl,” combines craftsmanship, glass, burning plains, and thriller. Taking a closer look, she has played in some of the most famous T.V. series and movies, such as “Psychiatrist” and “Prison Break.”

Robin, like other accomplished Hollywood artists, is a bit rich. As of 2020, Tunney’s total assets are estimated to be approximately US$ 8 million. Part of her huge wealth reflects extraordinary Manson in Beverly Hills. Robin Tunney’s house is full of luxury.

Robin Tunney
The famous American artist, Robin Tunney

Nicky Marmet Net worth

Nicky Marmet is estimated to have total assets of 3 million U.S. dollars. His annual acquisition is about 100k U.S. dollars. At the same time, his other half Robin is also wealthy. Hope Marmet and his fiancé will soon get hitched in a big ceremony; celebrating their years of togetherness.

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