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 Nilsa Prowant Net Worth: Her Husband, Age 

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Images of a famous makeup artist and a businesswoman, Nilsa Prowant

You might have watched the reality TV series Floribama Shore. If yes, then you might know the character who has created a love triangle in this series. Well, she is none other than Nilsa Prowant, a perennial source of drama mixed with humor. Who is her husband? Find out here.

Nilsa is a famous makeup artist and a businesswoman. Despite many failures, losses, and hardships in her life, she comes out even stronger. Her life encourages her not to give up till the very end! If you want to know more about her life tale, then read this article till the end.

 Nilsa Prowant Net Worth and Income source

Nilsa Prowant earns 10,000 dollars per episode from Floribama Shore. She also owns a shop that sells expensive jewelry, clothing, and other numerous items. In addition, she generates extra income from sponsored posts on Instagram. From all sources mentioned above, her total earnings are assumed to be around 1 million dollars.

Nilsa Prowant is currently engaged to her future husband, Gus Gazda

Nilsa Prowant has recently engaged to Gus Gaza, her co-star in the series Floribama Shore. They met each other while working for this reality TV series and started dating at the end of 2019. They are enjoying each other’s presence. Nilsa, in her post, has claimed that her future husband, Gus Gazda’s presence has made her life more impressive and easier to pass through any difficulties in life.

She further stated that Gus is the one to recover her broken heart and the only man in her dreams. Recently, this couple has given birth to a child in May 2021. Both of them are excited and are feeling complete after the birth of a son. Now, they are planning to tie up a knot of marriage in the upcoming November.

Nilsa Prowant has a son with Gus

On May 20, 2021, Nilsa Prowant and Gus became parents of their first child, Gray Allen. At birth, the baby weighs 7 pounds 14 ounces and is perfectly healthy. After the child’s birth, Prowant life was completely changed. She also considers the child to be the remainder of her late father. In her posts in Instagram, we can see how happy she is after the birth of Gray Allen.

Nilsa Prowant looking happy with her husband, Gus and her baby
A famous makeup artist and a businesswoman, Nilsa Prowant, and husband, Gus Gazda, with their son

 Nilsa Prowant was previously married to James Anderson

Nilsa was first hitched to James Anderson, a US marine officer, in August of 2015. They first met in the year 2013 and started dating each other, and got engaged in 2014. Nilsa was just 20 years old at the time of marriage. They got married without enough experience regarding the hardships in life. Even their commitments towards each other at such a young age are just flexible, not rigid. As a result, they imposed allegations of betrayal upon each other.

Moreover, Nilsa’s unfortunate miscarriage added fuel to the fire. Finally, both of them terminated their marriage relationship in September 22, 2016. James had to pay 25,850 dollars to Nilsa after the divorce.

Nilsa Prowant with her ex-husband, James Anderson
Nilsa Prowant and her ex-husband, James Anderson


Nilsa Prowant was raised in the Panama City of Florida. Since her childhood days, she was beautiful. Her photo was even published as the cover page of the children’s magazine. In school days, Prowant was a cheerleader and later got involved in the modeling field. She caught substantial public attention after winning Miss Florida in 2014. This particular event became a turning point in her life.

After that, she decided to pursue her career as a model and makeup artist. She got a role in the TV show Floribama Shore, an entertaining drama regarding the activity of the youths during day and nights in the hottest Panama City Beach. Within a short time, she got massive recognition from this TV series. Till today, she has performed in four seasons of this series.

Today, she has her youtube channel and shares makeup and fitness tips. She often shares her vlogs. She is also highly active in Instagram and has around 800 k followers.

Apart from makeup artist and businesswoman, she is also a professional photographer. Nilsa is also a green belt holder in Taekwondo. She loves learning new languages and sleeping with many toys. She is also a lover of workouts with a personal trainer.

Age, ethnicity, Father, and Parents 

Nilsa is the daughter of Master Sergeant Todd Prowant and Yadira Prowant. Nilsa came into this earth on January 2, 1994. Her mother is a native of Panama, while her father is Caucasian. She has two siblings, Tyler and Kayla. All of them are living happily together. Currently, Nilsa is 27 years of age.

Nilsa’s father died recently in August 2020, at the age of 57 years. She considered her father to be her motivator and guide throughout her life. Her father died due to difficulties with body parts while falling on his stomach. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, she couldn’t see her father at the hospital. She is grateful to her relatives and friends for supporting her to overcome this grief.

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