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Has Nyanners Face Revealed? Her Boyfriend and Net Worth

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Facts about Nyanners and her boyfriend and networth

Success can be possible at any age if worked hard. Nyatasha Nyanners has proved this to the world by being one of the highly successful social media personalities. She is an accomplished young YouTuber, voice artist, and singer widely recognized for her soft voice. She also released her first song, “Foolish Heart,” on YouTube in April 2021. Nyanners has not disclosed her face.

Now, let’s find more details about Nyanners. This article presents you with her age, boyfriend, and other facts. So please stick with us.

Who is Nyanners? Age and Biography

Nyanners is an online streamer who is recognized mainly because of her YouTube channel. Born in 2007 in the United States, Nyanners is 14 years old at present. Further, the teenager celebrates her birthday on the 14th of June every year. Considering her age, we assume she is a middle school student. The young YouTuber is yet to reveal the details surrounding her parents, but it’s said that her parents made her the YouTube channel. Moreover, we are not sure if Nyanners is the only child of her parents or if she has siblings.

Nyanners Face Reveal?

Despite being a famous gaming streamer, Nyanners is yet to reveal her real face. As per some news portals, Nyanners’ parents only allowed her to be a streamer if she didn’t keep her identity a secret. So, due to this reason, the streamer chose an anime character over her real face. Nonetheless, let’s hope that the lady will soon be permitted to reveal her face to her fans.

Nyanners anime character

Her Real Name

Despite being known by her nickname Nyanners, her followers have been questioning her real name for quite some time now. But, the Twitch star, on the other hand, is in no hurry to reveal her real name to the public. Meanwhile, some internet portals suggest her real name to be Taylor.

Is She Dating a Boyfriend?

Yes, the young gaming artist seems to be dating, as per a source. Her boyfriend goes by the name of Chad. While many of her online fans claim to have seen Nyanners holding hands with a guy in real life, some also believe that she is a young teenager who has not been involved romantically with any guy. Also, as the teenager is often found joking, her fans are pretty skeptical to believe about her dating life. Anyways, the thing might only be clear when the streamer speaks openly about it in public.

How does Nyanners Face Look Like?

As the lady behind Nyanners has not revealed her actual face, her character, however, is a beautiful cat girl. She has long pink hair and big bright purple eyes. According to Vital YouTuber Wiki, she has both cat ears and human ears. Her cat ears help her to hear supernatural voices at night. Speaking more about her appearance, she usually wears a light blue hoodie and black skirt. Similarly, she changes her outfits according to season.

Nyanners in pink hair

Nyanners Face, Net Worth and Income

Nyanners has earned a colossal sum and is enjoying a luxurious life at a tender age. According to recent reports, the streamer has accumulated a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. The primary source of her handsome income is her social media handles. She is said to have a monthly salary in the range of $4k-$12k. As she is an online game streamer, she mainly streams on Twitch and YouTube as well. In addition, she has her own merchandise that contributes additional income to her net worth.

Social Media Activities

Being an online influencer, Nyanners has a solid social media presence. Among various social media platforms, she is highly active on YouTube. She began her YouTube journey in 2011 as @Nyanners and has gathered 1.36 million followers until now. Most of the contents on her channel circulate around her anime character, which includes reaction videos and vlogs. Further, she is also on Instagram but has not made any posts until now. However, she has 1812 people following her.

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