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Orlando Soria Partner, Age, Parents, Wikipedia

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Facts about Orlando Soria partner, age, parents, Wikipedia

Orlando Soria is an interior designer who shot to fame after appearing in HGTV shows. The 39 years old interior designer claims to be a breakup expert. He is loved by many and has a considerable number of fans interested in knowing about Orlando. So, this article provides you with information about his partner, age, parents, and other facts you would want to know in his Wikipedia-type biography.

Who is Orlando Soria from HGTV’s Unspouse My House Parents?

The gorgeously breathtaking Orlando Soria is a famous interior designer and writer by profession. The good news is that he is very much single. But sadly, ladies, Soria is gay. He hosts a show where he helps people help people heal their broken hearts by completely renovating their homes. Despite the painful heartbreak Orlando went through; he is still hoping to find love again in his life. Hopefully, the charming interior designer finds his mister right soon.

Orlando Soria from HGTV'S Unspouse
Orlando Soria


Orlando Soria Age and DOB

Born to parents Dale and Catherine Soria on July 5, 1982, in Yosemite Village of California, Orlando Soria turned 39 years old this year. His zodiac sign is Cancer, according to his birth date. Though he grew up in Yosemite Village, he moved out of his hometown for a brighter future and better opportunities.

Parents and Early Life

Orlando was born to his father, Dale Soria, a dentist. His mother, Catherine Soria, is a tutor; his father is from Mexico, whereas his mother’s family is of European origin. That is why Orlando belongs to multi-racial ethnicity. He grew up in a family of six, which includes three siblings; he shares a strong bond with his family.

Even though Orlando had a good family life where his parents and sibling were very accepting of him and his sexuality, it was not the same in his school life. He faced discrimination and prejudice because of his race and sexuality, which made his school life miserable.

Orland Soria with his parents on kitchen
Orland Soria parents

However, after completing high school, Orlando moved out of his small hometown to pursue higher studies, and his life improved for the better. He completed his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and MFA from the University of Pennsylvania.

Orlando Soria Wikipedia

The Interior designer doesn’t have a Wikipedia page of her own, but many articles are dedicated to him. Orlando started his career through independent movies and music videos. But, his career took a turn after he met interior designer Emily Henderson and worked as an assistant in her show, where he got a lot of admirers and recognition.

Later ended up having a show of his own in which Orlando helps people move on and heal their broken hearts. On top of that, he also published a book. He has helped many people recover from breakups through his show. We can say that the designer is handsome, talented, and successful in his field of work. Orlando is a famous interior designer and writer and is also active on social media; he has an Instagram and a Twitter account. His primary source of income is through his work as an interior designer, and he has earned a good amount of money. His net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars.

Orlando Soria became the judge of the home designing competition on HGTV’S Brother vs. Brother.

In their home designing competition, Orlando Soria was a judge on the show Brother vs. Brother for the twin brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott. Drew secretly invited Orlando to show as the judge of the week, which surprised the other twin Jonathan as Soria had voted in favor of Jonathan instead of Drew in the show’s previous season.

At the same time, Drew claimed that he would win Soria over in this challenge. The twins and Orlando seemed to have a good bond; they were seen in playful banter with one another. When the twin sat with Orlando to chat, Jonathan even joked that he believed he had an advantage and Drew jokingly said that he would win the challenge as Orlando would love his work. To their words, Orlando added that he would not play favorites and add fuel to their dibbling rivalry.

And later, while talking to the camera, Soria cleared that he was taking his role as the judge very seriously. Well, if you are curious about the show, you can watch it on HGTV.

Orlando Soria on HGTV'S Brother vs. Brother
Orlando Soria on HGTV’S Brother vs. Brother

Is Orlando Soria gay? His show career after the breakup

Orlando has been open about his sexuality from the beginning of his career. He is gay and very proud of his sexuality. Though Orlando is currently single, he was previously in a serious relationship that later ended in a painful breakup. He was in a live-in relationship with his partner, and after their break up, his then-lover had kicked Soria from their house and had to move to a new apartment all alone. The problem turned into a blessing in disguise as decorating the apartment for himself helped him heal his broken heart; on top of that, he found out that interior designing has healing power.

The breakup helped Orlando find his passion which is interior designing. Later, his experience with heartbreak and the healing process gave Orlando an idea to start his very own show with his concept. Through the show, Orlando has helped many individuals heal their broken hearts.

Orlando Soria tips to Unspouse viewers own house after divorce/breakup.

Orlando has shared tips with his viewers, and the first tip he has shared is to know yourself better and explore your style and taste. And the second tip he gave is that you make decisions which you could not make when you were with your former partner. Orlando has also stated that there is a silver lining to break up as it provides you an opportunity to discover and explore your needs, tastes, and style.

In the show, he also shares that recovering the person you were before the relationship is also an essential part of the healing process. And creating a beautiful home with your taste and style in a way is also taking care of yourself. For more such tips and ideas, you can watch Orlando in action on his show “Unspouse My House,” which airs on HGTV.

Orlando Soria tips to Unspouse viewers own house after divorce/breakup

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